Apple Recon – The Beginning

Are you sick and tired of the lame Apple rumor sites out there?

Tired of the sites that promise new postings, and never deliver?

Tired of the sites with their broken pages, flash ads, popups, and craptacular designs?

Well, we are too!

As the title says, this is going to be the start of something entirely new in the world of Apple rumors… 2006 was arguably the best year in Apple’s history. Here we are, at the dawn of 2007, which will surely be an even bigger year for Apple, we’d like to invite all of the Apple newbies, all of the Apple insiders, all of the Apple spies, all of the Apple faithful, and all of the haters that secretly wish their computers were Macs, to join a new community dedicated all the magic and wonder that is Apple!

Our mission is to bring you the interesting Apple rumors and news from around the web, with commentary that you’ll actually enjoy reading and rumors and inside information that knock your rainbow colored Apple iPod Socks off! As you may have guessed from our site name, Apple Recon, we’ll have a bit of that old world retro Apple charm that is legendary throughout the business world. Anyone who remembers MacWeek and the Apple Recon column by the same name, knows the kind of standard we will aspire to live up to…we will make our name sake proud!!

Strap on your Nike+ armbands and crank the volume on that iPod up beyond its artificial maximum limit, hold our calls from Apple Legal…here we go!


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