Here Comes Macworld

iPhone, iTV, iAmSickOfAllThisWaiting!!!!

2 days, 6 hours and 53 minutes until the keynote, not that we’re counting…

There are some shots circulating of the booths getting setup…you can tell which one is Apple’s, as it is wearing a giant black turtleneck, just like Mr. Jobs likes to wear on stage! Beware the links to that site from some of the other guys, they have more ads than content (one of the many things we hate about lots of those other rumor sites).

If you aren’t already aware of them, our friends at aMobileME have lots of supposed pictures of the phone that made love to an iPod (that is going to be our codename for this thing).

As for the Mac Mini Pancake…err…iTV, we’ll just point you at the Wikipedia page for that thing for the time being.

We’ll go out on a limb and say that we’ll scrape together some predictions for what we think is being announced and get them posted soon…hopefully we can do a better job of keeping our word than some of those other sites…but we won’t claim to have any authoritative source, as we’re not a bunch of liars like those other guys! It’ll be our opinion, and we’ll hope to be wrong!

Got anything interesting to say, secret spy shots of a binder made up to look like an Apple iTiVo? Send them our way, baby – applerecon-at-gmail-dot-com or sound off in the comment section below!


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