Macworld Predictions

Everyone else is doing it, why shouldn’t we? Here’s the predictions…

Welcome and introduction, brief review of iPod/iTunes and Mac sales during the holidays, market share up (>5%), and iTunes continuing to dominate. Maybe take a pot shot or two at the Zune. While we’re talking iPods, let’s just bump the iPod up to a 120GB drive at the high end. Full screen iPods? We think so, and what better to go with full screen iPods than additional movie studios selling movies on iTunes?? And you know, while we’re adding more movies to iTunes, let’s go ahead and put the Mac Mini Pancake (iTV, although our name for it is better) on sale…and oh by the way, just because we’re crazy like that, how about some games to play on it (simple ones, similar to iPod and/or Xbox Live Arcade), and also, how about full support for YouTube and Google Video in the videos section (and we’ll add that to Front Row, too).

Now, let’s talk about the Mac…

Let’s talk Leopard and all the fancy new things you can do with 10.5, so fast, 64-bit native, new UI and new Finder (we can all dream). Improved Boot Camp and Front Row (games via Front Row, as well as a plug-in architecture/API for developers to extend it). While we’re talking software, of course, new iLife 07 and iWork (now with Spreadsheet). Time for demos.

What better way to run Leopard than on an 8-core Mac Pro? Fastest Mac yet, blablabla. And we’re not forgetting about the MacBook Pro so let’s bump up the specs on them, and introduce the “one more thing”…MacBook Duo, very light and small, no compromises, great (6hr) battery life, 12” widescreen display with a full size keyboard, optical drive, and all at 4lbs.

That’s it! Everyone immediately freaks out about no announcement of the phone that made love to an iPod, but no worries, that will be coming soon by end of Q1. It’ll have full iTunes capabilities, GPS built in for navigation and location-aware, a 2MP camera and be able to play all those iPod/iTV games (because people love their cell phone games). Not gonna have a full keyboard, sorry folks.

If we were gonna handicap our own predictions, we’d be least sure about the full screen iPod, and most sure about the Mac Pro and software announcements. What do you think? Is this thing on? applerecon-at-gmail-dot-com or comment below!


2 Responses to Macworld Predictions

  1. rockstar says:

    so what is a full screen ipod? i mean how can that possibly work? how can you trust the public not to scratch up and ruin their screen with this apparent “touch screen” controller? i don’t buy it.

  2. applerecon says:

    We believe that it will have a screen similar to what is used on a Tablet PC (ick)…they are glass instead of plastic, so they are much more scratch resistant. We also believe that it will have a slight lip around the edge (so the glass screen is slightly rimmed by the bezel of the device), which again provides some protection. The patents filed by Apple also indicate that the edges of the case may be touch sensitive as well or instead. That said, we don’t pretend (unlike some of the other sites) to have any inside info on this one, at least, so we agree, we’ll believe it when we see it! Appreciate the comments, hope you’ll come back to visit us.

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