Breaking News: New Apple Wifi – Airport Express X2 & X4

Many have reported this, see the linked article at the Macworld site here. Our question is what are people going to do with 600mb/s (that’s megabits folks, not MegaBytes) networks in their homes? Even if you have fiber to your house, that tends to be 45mb/s, which is easily done today with existing 801.11g products. Even HDTV tends to be somewhere between 20-40mb/s. What would one use all the bandwidth for? Maybe businesses, but home users? The only thing we can come up with is so you can stream HD content (Blu-ray, perhaps, from a new Mac Pro / iMac) to your new iTV… Any ideas, let us know, applerecon-at-gmail-dot-com, or sound off below in the comments!


2 Responses to Breaking News: New Apple Wifi – Airport Express X2 & X4

  1. duh says:

    I think it’s obvious that it’s for the iTV. 802.11g doesn’t cut it for any decent video so obviously it’s going to use 802.11n hence 600mbit

  2. applerecon says:

    Actually, 802.11g is 54mbit, and HD, uncompressed, is 20-40mbit. So, it is completely workable on 802.11g…however, 802.11n does give you better distances, and abilities to support the streaming as well as other activity all at once…

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