Leopard (10.5), iWork, iLife…

Here’s the scoop on the new software, it’s on the way, and will be announced shortly, along with the hardware updates that were mysteriously missing from Macworld SF this year. Want more specifics? Well, here you go:

iLife ’07 – As has been widely reported, we’re going to see updated versions of iPhoto and iWeb (which definitely is going to have huge changes to it, new templates, all kinds of fun new support for blogging and so forth…can you say “Blogger Integration!”? We can, what with Apple and Google getting so cozy these days?)…and there will be location-awareness built into all this stuff, since we’ll start seeing GPS options in Macs by the end of the year…but the big news, and the reason this puppy is taking so long, is we’re going to see an iTunes update, too. How else are we going to get our contacts and appointments on our iPhones? Sure, on the Mac maybe via the Address Book and iCal…but what about on the PC? How will we get addresses and calendar items on our iPhones from the PC? iTunes is gonna have to handle addresses, phone numbers, appointments, etc. unless Apple is going to integrate with Outlook (fat chance), they will have to build it in to iTunes on the PC, so you can bet it’s coming to the Mac, too! Expect it to take cues from some of the concepts introduced with the iPhone, new ways to navigate and sort your music, and laying the groundwork for the forthcoming widescreen iPod (and we’re not talking about the phone, but the one everyone really is craving, the one with the 100GB HD and the screen from the iPhone (or maybe even a slightly bigger screen than on iPhone!). No one else is reporting this, because they’re all still riding their iPhone highs…

iWork ’07 – Yep, spreadsheet, it’ll be cool (if you’re into that kind of thing). And updates to Pages and Keynote. Sadly, it won’t be an Apple-built version of Open Office, which we still maintain should be the future for iWork as a true MS Word killer. Imagine if Apple took all the effort they put into building Pages, Keynote and iSpreadsheet (Numbers?) and instead spent that time working on Open Office, making it truly “Mac-like” (like they did when they grabbed Konqueror and turned it into Safari)…life would really be good then!

iLeopard ’07…er…wait – Okay, so let’s see what we got here…Video Voicemail will be big…integration with Google’s IM stuff (both voice and data) will be big…finalized Boot Camp will be big, maybe including Read/Write of your Windows partition (even if you use NTFS!?!)…and beautiful hooks in the OS for GPS (as future Mac Books and Mac Book Pros WILL include GPS as options, as will the iPhone, and even eventually the iPod!! but the big thing that everyone will be talking about is right after the jump…

The new interface, which again, you can see taking cues from the iPhone. The iPod is going to take after that interface, as will the Macs running Leopard. We know how Steve likes to make everything look alike (look at how your iPod today seems very “Mac-like” and the iPhone doesn’t seem very “Mac-like” at all)…well, iPhone is taking on that sleek, black interface that 10.5 is going to have too, by default. The jury is still out on whether or not we’ll get to switch back to a more Aqua-like interface if we don’t like the new one…we hope so, as old habits die hard (how about a Platinum version, too!?!?)…

Since we’re going to be getting a new interface in the OS, you can bet your sweet bippy (anyone know how to spell bippy?) that iWork and iLife are going to take on those same abilities too. Just picture iPhone’s interface on a computer, lots and lots of sleek black beautifulness (hey, if we can use bippy, we can make up other words too).

Once you go black, you never go back?? Calm down, we’re just being silly!

When can we lay our grubby little hands on all this Apple-y goodness? How about on Saturday, March 24, 2007 at Apple Stores around the country. A special little Mac OS X birthday party will be held (Mac OS X will be turning 6 that day), and we predict bundles-a-plenty, maybe something nice like buy any two, get 10% off, and buy all three and get 20% off. Sweet like Apple pie!!

Hardware is up next!

Sound off, we love the comments, even from the jokers that hate us because we don’t blast you with popups and spyware like some of those other guys!! If you love popups, sorry to say, you’ll never get them here, so hate us if you must!!!


5 Responses to Leopard (10.5), iWork, iLife…

  1. alex says:

    iWeb is the only one I’m concerned because I use it and it’s just too basic. I wish it would be more advanced.

  2. applerecon says:

    @alex – we completely agree, iWeb really could use an update…we’d like to be full-on Apple supporters and build Apple Recon in iWeb, but it just isn’t quite there yet…hopefully this next version will get us there!

  3. Crabs says:

    yes, of course Leopard will look more like the iPhone, but you’re forgetting one thing! why can’t it WORK like the iPhone too? you talk about the interface, but you only talk about the visuals! What about a new Multi-Touch interface for everything Leopard?!

  4. John C. Randolph says:

    I have to disagree with you re: open office. When you get right down to it, the thing is a Microsoft Office emulator, and when a project starts out with such a modest target, well, you get what you pay for.

    OO is fine and dandy for a hobby project, but it will never be worthwhile for Apple to spend any engineering resources on it.


  5. Ethan says:

    @John I agree completely. I think Apple’s best chance is to start completely blank and allow their creativity and vision define iWork. It would be too easy for them to fudge on the little things, which I don’t know if they would, but they do have to set priorities, so they might to a degree, “fudge”.

    I know its a less tangible reason than others, but I really think they would feel more free to innovate if they continue with their blank slate.

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