Mac Pro, Mac Book, Displays…

Before we get into it, we gotta address a comment that we got via email after the last post: “bippy? beautifulness?? my dog can write better than you!!”.

We don’t doubt it…but we say if making up words is good enough for the president, it’s good enough for us!! And, what’s wrong with having a little fun with your Apple recon and rumors? We aren’t a bunch of stuffed shirts here (now stuffed pants, that’s another thing altogether).

Enough screwing around, let’s talk about the good stuff!!

Mac Pro – quad core, do more? this seems like an easy one to predict, one thing that you won’t read at the other sites is that we think that it’s time for there to be a Mac Pro that is less than the current “cheap” $2499. We will get back to the days of $1999 (single dual core CPU), $2499 (single quad core CPU), and $2999 (dual quad core CPUs). The reason for this is Apple will want to get as good of a discount as they can on the quad core chips, and so they will buy more of them from Intel and use them in more machines. Other specs will remain largely the same, 1GB RAM standard, 250GB SATA drives standard, SuperDrives, etc. Probably a slightly better graphics card (7600 GT standard, perhaps?). We should see this at an Apple special event in February, where the 10.5, iWork and iLife will be shown and their ship date (3/24/07) will be announced.

Mac Book Pro – Sadly, we’ll probably have to wait another generation for quad-core in the MBP…but that day is coming. Next Mac Book Pro will have bigger drives, slightly faster CPUs (2.33GHz and 2.5Ghz), and faster graphics. That’s about it, sorry to say…except a longshot chance of a GPS option! Probably won’t see this guy until NAB in April, though…

Mac Book – Now we’re getting excited, 2.0 and 2.16GHz, considerably better graphics and storage options, and according to our rumors, a $100 PRICE DROP across the board! If we see the GPS option to the Mac Book Pro, we’ll probably see it here, too.

More after the jump…
Displays – Displays, the writing is on the wall here, with the iSight being discontinued, and Apple’s push into having a camera on everything these days (Mac Books, iPhones, etc.) you can darned well bet on seeing a built in iSight on the new Apple displays. We also expect to see a price drop, despite the inclusion of the iSight in the new displays. Now don’t expect miracles here compared to the $150 19″ screens you see out there on the bargain sites, we’ll put pricing at $599 for 20″, $899 for $23″, and $1799 for 30″. Sadly, those are all at least $100 more than they should be to really get excited about them. We think that these will be announced alongside the Mac Pro in February, and both these and the Mac Pro will be immediately available after the event.

One More Thing (OMT) – NEXT TIME!!! BOOOO!!!!

Not! We wouldn’t do that to you, we’re not a bunch of a-holes! And not to imply that Apple is going to announce this at the same time they announce the upcoming hardware (we would look for a September announcement for this puppy)…The tablet Mac is coming, or rather, the Mac Pad. The technology exists, the iPhone will make Apple experts in touch screens and all the other stuff needed. We believe, that in time for the holiday shopping season, Mac Pad (Mac Pad Pro, too?) will be on the market! Using a super low power Intel processor, a flash storage enabled hard drive, and no optical drive. Sorry to say, it’ll be spendy, we’re guessing $1000 to start with. Probably 8-10″ and you can bet it’ll be widescreen and do 720p video.

Next post we’ll expand on the reasons why the Mac Pad is on its way to market…when you start to add them up, it is obvious!

Okay, fire up those keyboards and start screaming at us about how you’re sick of this rumor and Apple doesn’t want to build tablets and bla bla bla, frankly, we’re sick of the rumor too, but mostly we’re sick of the lies from the other sites who have said it is coming every year since 2001…


6 Responses to Mac Pro, Mac Book, Displays…

  1. alex says:

    I agree that it will be flash based and no optical drive but I also think it will be a revolution. It will be the easiest Mac out there. I think a tablet is lickely to come from Apple but it’s not going to be like now days tablets. It won’t use a stylus or a pen but a finger. I think it’s possible it that Mac OS Xcould be trimmed down but added with some features that don’t exciste now like some drawing tool. It will one or none buttons because Steve Jobs always want the minimal buttons on the device. It will have all the standard slots. And it will be simple sleek design.

  2. Karen says:

    Whatever it is, it’ll be awesome!

  3. applerecon says:

    @alex – we couldn’t agree more! you can bet that it won’t be just plain old Mac OS X shoehorned into a tablet (if you got to play with the ModBook at Macworld, you know what we’re talking about…not that it’s bad, it’s just not really ideal, either). We think that Leopard is going to give us some clue as to where they are going from a software perspective, and as far as hardware goes, look no further than the iPhone…just imagine a bigger version of it…more screen, more battery…done!

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