Top 10 Reasons for iTablet

iTablet!?! – We know, the Mac community all let out a collective sigh whenever anyone breathes that word. Well, we will go out on that limb that we are out on so much we have staked a claim to it, and say that within the year, and we believe before the 2007 holiday shopping season, we will see the real deal Mac Tablet, which we affectionately refer to as the Mac Pad. Here’s the top ten list to support it:

10 – All that handwriting recognition stuff built into Mac OS X isn’t there just because it’s fun to have it; and it isn’t there just for 3rd parties like the ModBook.

9 – Steve Jobs used to love to beat up the “smart” phones too (just like he does today with tablets) because they weren’t very good – Apple took their time, got it right, and now we have iPhone…the same is coming for tablet computing.

8 – The screen technology has been developed and patented by Apple, not too glossy, very scratch resistant, again for the iPhone.

7 – We now have a Mac OS X variant/lite/whatever you want to call it, that runs on the iPhone.  Some say another weird variation of OS X runs on the Apple TV too. With all the R&D going into Mac OS X, you can bet that some R&D is going into a variant for a tablet form factor…it won’t just be the same OS with a few options for tablets like Microsoft likes to do, but a version completely and totally designed for pen or finger computing.

6 – Speaking of pen computing, resolution independence, which Apple has again gotten patents on recently, is key to a tablet, especially if you’re going to have a fairly small screen (to keep battery life decent and the weight down), is very important…we could see 120 or 150 dpi (1280×800 at 150dpi gives you a 10″ diagonal screen).

The top 5 follow after the jump…
5 – Battery technology, used in the iPod, iPhone, etc. has finally allowed for lightweight batteries that can be used in any form factor. Lithium Polymer is the technology of choice, and we expect a device that weighs in the 2lbs range.

4 – As Steve talked about during the keynote, the whole world is going mobile, everyone has cell phones, digital cameras, PDAs, iPods, etc. Sure the laptop is nice, and Steve did say that they sell more laptops than desktops now, but we need something more. More to the point, Apple is in many ways a design and engineering company, not so much a commodity PC manufacturer. In desktop hardware, there’s not much more innovation to be done except to get smaller, and it’s hard to differentiate one Intel PC from another (aside from the OS, of course!)…but in portable hardware, that is where Apple can really shine, especially with all that expertise in building little tiny iPods.

3 – Before we can have a convertible Mac Book and Mac Book Pro, we have to try the technology out somewhere. Of course, a convertible laptop (one with a keyboard but also with a touchscreen that can hide the keyboard and look like a tablet) isn’t something people are talking about Apple building now, but it is only a matter of time, again, before every mid and high end PC laptop has this feature. Apple will have to do a tablet sooner or later to keep up, once tablets start to pick up more speed.

2 – The demand is there, not just in the rumor mill, did anyone notice the size of the crowd around the Other World Computing booth at Macworld to see their ModBook? We know Apple is a company that likes to build new and innovative products, but they are also a company that wants to sell products that people want to buy!

1 – Once the iPhone has been out there for a few months and Apple fans have had a chance to play with it, we will all be going out of our minds wanting anything with a touchscreen on it made by Apple, and Apple will know how to capitalize on that with a Mac Pad. Imagine a special event before the holidays to introduce widescreen touchscreen iPods, which everyone will be expecting, and everyone goes out of their minds for them, and then Steve whips out “one more thing” and here’s your Mac Pad to go with it!?

So, there’s our list, we’ll leave you with this little snippet from a Reuters article, quoting Steve Jobs: “The world is going mobile. We sell more notebooks than desktops, iPods are all mobile. The majority of what we sell is mobile,” he said. “We’re always working on new stuff,” he added.

iWonder what types of new stuff he could be referring to…maybe a tablet Mac?  (probably touchscreen iPods and other iPhones, too).  That’s all for now, see you again soon!


4 Responses to Top 10 Reasons for iTablet

  1. alex says:

    I think they will come up with some Mac Mobile but not a Tablet. I personally want a Mac with just the screen and no keyboard with screen flipping. I want a Mac that is very light and is screen only. The challenge is to make that Mac Mobile so easy to use that one won’t want to flip the screen to use the keyboard and/or trackpad. I think Apple is coming up with this one it’s just the matter of time!!!

  2. alex says:

    “with screen flipping.” I meant no screen filpping.

  3. I wrote about this way back in the day and dubbed it the iNote. Yea I think it is still part of Apple’s strategy, but I have since revised my speculation. I think it would be more reasonable to find an underpowered laptop from Apple come out on the cheap, but have access to XGrid and 802.11n streaming that would enable enhanced utility with the benefit of a networked hard drive, and processing power. Here is the link to my original article:

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