Apple…it’s like the exact opposite of terrorism!!

So said John Mayer at Macworld, while on stage…the full quote:

“Apple Inc. just kinda makes life more fun…it’s like the exact opposite of terrorism…it’s amazing…makes me feel code green!”

We couldn’t agree more!! Would that make the exact opposite of Apple (ahem, Microsoft) equal to terrorism?? Sitting here at Apple Recon World Headquarters, in lovely (and snowy) Seattle, WA…we probably shouldn’t make those kinds of statements or we may suddenly vanish into the night…if this is our last post, you all know what happened to us!!

If you don’t believe us, check the stream yourself at Apple.  John says it in between the two songs he was playing.

More on this developing story as it unfolds…hopefully the same Justice Department that let Microsoft off the hook for being a monopoly won’t come calling now that we’ve disparaged their friends in Redmond (who apparently get NSA tips on how to secure their operating system)…but seriously, what self respecting Apple rumor site doesn’t have bad stuff to say about them?  Okay, they’re not ALL bad…in fact, we know a couple of Microsofties that aren’t too evil.  If only we could get Jack Bauer and company up here to kick ass on the other 99% of the company…

Keep on fighting the good fight, John…and all the others who got Apple’s back, we’re right there with you.  How does that align with reporting on Apple rumors (which Apple seems to think hurts the company?)…rumors and fan sites keep the fires burning of the faithful, gives us something to think about and talk about…we are NOT in the business of passing on trade secrets or intellectual property of Apple, Inc. and find that type of behavior disgusting…but we are in the business of commentary, entertainment, and excitement…which as John would say, “just kinda makes life more fun”.

Sound off below, or as always, feedback is welcome at (our first time publishing that as a link, let’s test out gmail’s spam filters!!). We’ll see you all again real soon…


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