Earnings…How’d We Do?

In our continuing quest to stay accountable for the rumors we post, let’s recap the guidance, consensus, our prediction, and Apple’s actual results…

Apple’s guidance: Revenue of $6-6.2 Billion with EPS of $.70-.73

Analyst Consenus (Yahoo Finance): $6.4 Billion with EPS of $.78

Our Prediction: $6.8-7 Billion with EPS of $.80

Actual Results: $7.1 Billion with EPS of $1.14!!!

We are very glad to have beaten the analysts, nearly nailed the revenue (should have been more aggressive on the EPS numbers, but figured most of the sales would be consumer model sales with historically lower margins), and despite being “wrong” couldn’t be happier to have been so!  Things just keep getting better for the team down in Cupertino, huge revenues, earnings, a strong new product lineup…life is good once again in Apple land!


2 Responses to Earnings…How’d We Do?

  1. JT says:

    Right on!!

  2. alex says:

    Yeah Steve Jobs and your team!!!

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