Others are catching on…Mac Tablet

Greetings Apple Recon faithful…Not that we’re the types to want to kick someone when they’re down, but since WE are the ones that have been harping on this since before the introduction of the iPhone (that the iPhone technology was going to be a bridge to a Tablet Mac), it’s time to look at the kind of “reporting” that makes us, and the rest of the Mac community go crazy!!

It looks like one of the other “rumor” sites out there has decided to post some super specific information about the forthcoming Apple Tablet that we told you about last week, and to give credit where credit is due, it is our friends at “MOSR” according to the heading on their site (if you can find it among all banner ads and flash ads and popups!)…and we quote:

“Rumors has confirmed that a “Mac Tablet” device, designed to bridge the market between the first basic, OS X-based iPods without third-party applications….and more full-featured Mac portables that support the full range of “computer” apps….will be part of the parade of no less than six new all-new products in Apple’s 2007 pipeline.”

Wow, thanks for the specific information! Glad that you flamers could “confirm” all of that detail for us…man, and we’ll be sure to tune right in with bated breath while we wait for weeks for you jackasses to update your site with the exact same crap, spewed another way, with lots more banner ads and flash ads to make us all hate you even more!!

So, here’s what our sources can “confirm” for us…all you other sites out there with your “sources” and “confirmation” can stick it, say it like it is, you don’t have a flippin’ clue and rather than try to come up with some intelligent analysis, you’re going to say everything is all confirmed from your trusted sources so it must be true!

If you like that kind of nonsense, guess you better go find a site with lots of ads and crap, because we don’t play that game here at Apple Recon…as Robert Morgan’s site used to say, “Our editors can beat up their editors”.

See you all soon…seriously, are we the only ones sick of this nonsense?? Comments below and emails to applerecon@gmail.com are welcome, as always!

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4 Responses to Others are catching on…Mac Tablet

  1. berad says:

    MOSR has gotten ridiculous with blantaly broken links to just show more ads. Again, glad to see AppleRecon back.

  2. FF says:

    sick of that nonsense!

  3. flash ads says:

    flash ads

    I love this, “An intellectual is a man without a craft”…lol,great

  4. mac rumor says:

    mac rumor

    I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read.

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