Guess The Rumor Contest

Want to win a vintage Apple t-shirt? Read on…

As you saw with our post earlier today, we have a major story coming out on Monday, by far the biggest we’ve ever worked on, and without a doubt the hottest Apple rumor out there (and it boggles our minds that no one is reporting on it!). As we hinted, it has to do with Apple (duh), more specifically, Apple software.

So, while we don’t want to let the cat out of the bag quite yet (come back Monday morning, probably around 8-9AM Pacific time for the big news), we thought it’d be fun to have a little Apple Recon Contest!

The full details, after the jump…to enter, you post a comment below for everyone to see with your guess for what the story is. Only one guess per person (so while you’re free to discuss the other guesses, you can’t post a hundred different guesses). Whoever gets closest wins. If two people guess the same thing, whoever was first, wins. If you guess several different things, like “iLife 2007 is built using Ruby, iTunes 8 has 3D hologram support, Safari is going to use the Firefox codebase”, then we’ll take the first one that you guess, so take some time and think about it!

Here’s a tip, when you enter your post, make sure you provide an email address so we can get in touch with you if you win, so we can make arrangements to get the t-shirt delivered to you. Obviously your email address doesn’t get posted here at the site, and hopefully by now you know we’re not the kind of a-holes that are collecting email addresses to spam people. But if you have your doubts about our intentions, feel free to use a spamgourmet address or similar.

Since the prize comes from a personal collection, we can’t really specify size and so forth, expect L or XL, depending on which one our editor is willing to part with. And yes, we know it’s not much, but the point is more to have fun here than to win some fancy prize (maybe if we ran a bunch of banner ads we’d buy iPods and give them away instead!)

So, put on your thinking cap and get your entry in, below!

As usual, we end with a plea to DIGG US! 🙂


108 Responses to Guess The Rumor Contest

  1. Devin Murphy says:

    Leopard comes out TUESDAY!

  2. iLife ’07 included in the OSX 10.5 purchase price (bundled with the OS).

  3. James S says:

    Apple will release OS X Leopard for all intel based PCs and Dell will start selling boxes with OS X Leopard starting on release in March.

  4. Lucas says:

    iLife ’07 will require Leopard

  5. Tim K says:

    Apple’s newest GUI, Illuminous, will be revealed to the public.

  6. Jason says:

    The latest incarnation of OS X will be released for PCs.

    Make it an XL please – haha.

  7. tfree says:

    Moc OS X runs on PeeCees

  8. alex says:

    A Fullscreen iPod Video!

  9. alex says:

    Yeah it can’t be A Fullscreen iPod Video duh it’s not software!

  10. alex says:

    That’s not software duh!!!!

  11. alex100 says:

    Software duh!!!!

  12. Damond says:

    It won’t be a fullscreen ipod. not yet at least. Apple just released 2 new ads at macworld advertising the old ones. It wouldn’t make sense.

    I think they will release the second leapord preview. (or at least im crossing my fingers they do).

  13. Dave says:

    read the post guys, a SW annc that NO ONE is talking about, and leopard, iLife, etc are standard fare…

    my vote is for a titan TV/tivo app to work with Apple TV. Or was that my hope?;)

  14. emilcar says:

    iLIfe’07 will run under Windows too

  15. earpick says:

    God you hype it up SO much! quit it! heh

    Now, as to the guess, it’s Logic Pro 8 coming out soon, perhaps. Nah, that’s gonna wait until NAB, and is hardly exciting news for people other than a selected few.

    How abooouuut.. Hmm.. Apple is buying a license to ship Vista on Macs?!

  16. earpick says:

    Come to think of it, I honestly don’t want to win a used tshirt. I don’t care if it was worn by freaking John Lennon. Well, maybe ONLY if it was worn by freaking John Lennon.

    Therefore my final guess is Leopard’s gonna include a strip poker game.

  17. Guido Lamberty says:

    Apple Office! with a new version of keynote, pages. A spreadsheet program, and maybe other unique programs. I just guess..

  18. roneil says:

    I would quite like to see a few pro apps for a change: new pro a/v apps, Shake, Final Cut Pro, BluRay/HD DVD authoring, Logic. All the consumer stuff is great but I do have to work.

  19. Tom says:

    Apple will release some sort of VoIP software, either its own version and providing its own backend to release calls to ‘regular’ phones or link iChat with Skype. You will also be able to use this version of VoIP with the iPhone. Win win for apple as they will start to collect revenue from calls… (forget MVNO stuff). You iPhone number will also be your VoIP number (calls will be routed to the iPhone via GSM or VoIP depending which method is available).

  20. lonepalm says:

    I believe the iPhones app that Steve Jobs did not show cause it wasn’t ready is iWork. i.e. ability to view .doc, .xls and .ppt files on the iPhone.

  21. berad says:

    iLife suite will be combined into a single application

  22. Harry122 says:

    Apple’s “Photoshop Killer” will be announced, a full-featured image editing app.

  23. b-dawg says:

    Leopard will run Windows programs… maybe when Steve demos it he’ll do the unthinkable…

    double-click a .exe app on the mac!

  24. GCS says:

    10.5 will include an iPhone-like interface for ?mactablet? AND (besides finger jestures) will have hand jestures.

  25. the forester says:

    .mac will be fully integrated into Leopard, and the subscription fee dropped for all who upgrade. (And going forward, .mac will continue being free for users who keep up with Mac OS upgrades.)

  26. Maybe they will be releasing the replacement to Shake. (I was gona say that Apple bought Adobe but that’s just nuts).

  27. David says:

    Leopard will be announced and will be available to PCs.

    Yeah, not new guesses here but I couldn’t stop myself. Been using Vista for about a month and making a list of how Mac OS like Windows has become. Yet another unexpected instance of CONVERGENCE!!?

  28. Curtis says:

    Apple announces HyperCard for Mac OS X.

  29. zeromagik says:

    all ready said but i too think, ilife07/ iwork 07 is an integrated part of leopard

  30. zeromagik says:

    i did also read that there was a rumour of safari being released for windows

  31. PuppyGun says:

    Apple competitor to Photoshop….

  32. Bryce says:

    Apple remote desktop will be simply included in Leopard, allowing Mac Tablets/Pads, your MacBook etc to be able to control any other Mac regardless of where you are. Help out a friend with an ailing machine across the country, install applications on remote machines, transfer files in a clean and simple manner.

    My wish if not the actuality…

  33. Ivor Biggun says:

    Leopard ships with an options repricing app, called Crime Machine.

  34. Anthony Sigalas says:

    iWork 07 for Windows Vista 😦 I hope I’m wrong

  35. J Wilson says:

    Apple announces an “After Effects”-killer that will be integrated directly into Final Cut Pro.

  36. Hary says:

    Adobe Cs3 is finished and ready for release.

  37. irumor says:

    Multi-touch in Mac OS X Leopard, new products to come.

  38. alex100 says:

    Something great that will let .exe files to run simultanuesly in Mac OS X.

  39. alex100 says:

    Some improvements to iWeb.

  40. John says:

    iLife and iWork suites combined. $100. New App. included. Maybe just re-vamped PhotoBooth.

  41. Dan Conley says:

    My guess is that, under Leopard, Boot Camp is going to be something much, much better … Leopard will allow you to run two discreet boots of your Mac simultaneously. You’ll be able to flip back-and-forth between a full Windows and OS X boot without powering down.

  42. Cougar says:

    Apple is buying Path Finder, and will incorporate it into Leopard, making it look awesome with Core Animation.

    Not that I think it’s likely, but I can dream…

  43. Ola says:

    I guess it is an upgrade campaign for XP users to upgrade to leopard instead of Vista. The new sw feature will be the support of running XP apps and leopard apps without tne need for dual boot.

  44. Gwyth says:

    How about the 30th Anniversary Mac?
    They’ve done a 20th, make sense don’t ya think?

  45. joyfarm6 says:

    Leopard released to suck all the air from the Vista release.

  46. insidergirl says:

    Leopard products will include touch technology and voice recognition (secret feature) – bye bye keyboard

    “apple reinvents the way we type”

  47. Danny says:

    Games … Apple has been hiring game designers. With 802.11n wireless … why do you need an expensive, separate games console (PS3 or XBox360)?

    Apple will demo a fast quad-core Mac with 802.11n networking, capable of streaming HD video wirelessly to your HDTV.

    NOTE: This notion came from someone on another board … but it makes sense to me.

  48. whiskeyboy says:

    Video iPod will be a replica of the iPhone, less the phone, with a huge HD.

  49. me says:

    why the fuck would i want one of your old t-shirts? that is absolutely not motivating to potentially don your old pit stains.

    btw, your nothing but a shit rag blog.

  50. Nurl says:

    The iPhone will run a Nintendo GBA and DS emulator.

  51. WhoreChurch says:

    It’s the iChurn

  52. Ethan says:

    @berad: One mega-app for managing music, photos, capturing/editing video, creating dvds, etc., etc., etc.? Please forgive him for even thinking it Mr. Jobs.

  53. Ethan says:

    @Harry122: Why would they want to release a “Photoshop Killer”? Photoshop is a wonderful program which has taken over a decade to get to where it is. No, Apple is not interested in obliterating good software just so they can rule the market. You’re thinking of Microsoft and the original browser wars.

  54. Crabs says:

    Other than perhaps those saying .exe files on Mac, I think you’re all thinkin too small. Multi-Touch interface, with full multi-touch Cinema Displays, iMacs, MacBooks, and MBPs, but if you can’t upgrade to a new Cinema Display, iMac or notebook, then they have a peripheral, more or less a 10X10 Multi-Touch Screen that you can use to control your computer, to replace the mouse. That’s my guess (and my hope)

  55. Ethan says:

    and finally, @b-dawg: Thats what I’m really hoping for. The value of being able to run Windows programs from within leopard…please, please!

  56. shaun mclane says:

    Safari on Windows.

    The guy 4 up from my post (names “me”)has some issues. If this is such a Sh*t rag blog, than why:

    1) is it the #1 wordpress
    2) why are you reading it
    3) why waste time posting?


  57. hal says:

    I bet for Safari for Windows

  58. tom says:

    Apple is tking over office development for the mac, i.e. MS is outsourcing its development to Apple.

  59. berad says:

    AppleTV IS front row 2.0

  60. idannyb says:

    VoIP calling (via Mac or iPhone) using a new TBA Apple app similar to JaJah or Skype.

  61. Matsu says:

    Apple will bring back the Newton PDA. After they annouce it this week, they will do a big ad during the super bowl.

  62. FrankE says:

    OSX will be licensed to run natively on Windows boxes – limited in functionality but good and fast enough to run in eg VMWare – preinstalled apps: Safari, Mail, AddressBook, iTunes, (maybe) iMovie and a few more essentials (Utilities). Mind you: the drop of “Mac” in OSX!?!!

  63. Daniel says:

    Leopard’s new interface and features

  64. Steven says:

    Apple will resurrect the Yellow Box for Windows allowing Mac apps compiled in Xcode to be run on Windows machines.

  65. WhoreChurch says:

    Update on the iChurn:

    It will be bluetooth enabled and can powered by either churning or horse. It will include a software plug in allowing the user to create and upload themes.

    It’s going to be really cool.

  66. thinktwice says:

    Apple buys Parallels

  67. Eric says:

    Mac os will now be able to run windows apps natively.

  68. koolio says:

    Here’s a long shot: Apple will update Front Row with DVR capabilities.

  69. justindavies says:

    You can see the power of blogging right here – here a a bunch a Mac faithful (me too, typing on a G4 Powerbook right now) coming up with a series of great ideas for new product from Apple that we are keen to buy… all for the cost of a t-shirt that Apple doesn’t even pay for!! Great blog, keep up the good work…

  70. Sulis says:

    It’s Apple’s version of the Home Server. This is the big missing link in Apple’s ‘just works’ strategy, and will tie together iTV, Time Machine, Airport Extreme, etc.

  71. Alec says:

    iLife/iWork will be a pack-in for Leopard and Ready to realease…….

  72. lonepalm says:

    Remaining iLife suite ported to Windows ! I suspect Steve wants to sell more APple TV’s and best way is to get iPhoto, iMovie, etc.. on Windows.

  73. zeromagik says:

    @sullis – apple is about to release their home server, check the specs for the next airport extreme base station you cn add an (or many using a usb hub) external harddrive(s) directly to it, basically making it a server plus if leopard does support zfs partitioning that would mean you can keep adding as many harddrives as you require and zfs will move the files about as necessary for access speed and space.

    plus with time mahine built in to leopard you should (fingers crossed) get auto backups to the server every night so no more manual backups.

  74. Matt says:

    Prepping for appleTV … iTunes will be updated or an add-on software, so that users will be able to digitize their DVD library, will include DRM so that it cannot be copied (of course), to be compatible with appleTV.

    Giving us roughly a month to digitize our library of DVD’s … this would make it a whole lot easier, than ripping and converting into mp4, h.268, whatever it is.

    Just wishful thinking????

  75. buzzin55 says:

    software for multicore machines; 64 Bit – programming.

  76. Paul says:

    Beatles music & movies added to itunes.
    Apple announces partnership with TIVO for TV recording software which integrates with Apple TV
    Apple announces youtube & google partnership for Apple TV use
    Apple releases an anti-spyware/malware app for PCs which removes Vista 😉
    .MAC becomes free and includes added features. Possibly with Google software included

  77. Todd Bergman says:

    Hi All!

    The big item that Apple will announce on Tues 1/30/07, will be the return of the Duo. A sub-notebook, probably called the MacBook Duo. By the way, my size in T-shirts is XL!

  78. Patrick says:

    Wow i hope they dont run vista on a ipod/iphone 😦 btw my lame guess

  79. tfree says:

    Apple buys Adobe

  80. WhoreChurch says:

    More news is leaking out about the iChurn:

    They are going to be intel based, and using new lithium ion technology allowing them a battery life in the 3 hour range. (Of course the iChurch will be able to be powered by actually churning butter with it.)

    One peripheral still in development will allow the iChurn to print out perfect barn raising blueprints. More details as they become known.

  81. drew10128 says:

    Apple to unlock iTunes/iPod

  82. jb says:

    Apple conquers Spam. A software plugin that only works with Mail, prevents 99.9% of the spam from getting in, notifies all other servers where it comes from, and allerts InterPol to the street address.

    Oh wait, didn’t Mr Gates declare war on Spam in 2004? Maybe there’s nothing left to do…

  83. dj says:

    AppleTV will allow access to all iLife functions (including browsing) from your Enhanced-definition or high-definition widescreen TV.

  84. Eric Anondson says:

    Here are three guesses.

    1- Quicktime Pro for free download.

    2- Developers kit for designing games for Apple TV, like iPod games now.

    3- Virtualization company successully running full Mac OS X on PC clone hardware.

  85. gog says:

    Apple is entering the games market via appleTV / Itunes store and a buy-separate WiFi control consol.
    Pretty slick too.

  86. Paul says:

    the iTMS goes _social_. Think built right into iTunes so that you can find new music based upon what you’re listening to. It’ll be Apple’s entrance into the myspace social networking world and every iPod ower will have an account.

  87. mac nerd says:

    Mac is going to release a Final Cut Pro version (Extreme or something like that ) that is geared for high end editing work and directly compete with high end AVID systems. I guess this might go down at NAB which is in a few months from now.

  88. Steve Bruhn says:

    Apple will release a ‘writers’ package targeted at the millions of fiction writers and (possibly) screenwriters who are totally cheesed off using the MS Word ‘dinosaur’ to write novels and outline screenplays. Possibly even designed for non fiction writers as well.

  89. Andy K says:

    Major upgrade to .Mac; 50Gb storage and syncing to IPhone. Free with any new Intel Mac for life.

  90. Jason says:

    iPhone now supports outlook – not that I use it, but it would make it more windoze users happy.

    I’m still an XL.

  91. Robert says:

    OSX will have a new software package that will work with the AppleTV. It will allow you complete control of your Mac from your living room – wirelessly.

  92. Dan Conley says:

    >>Apple will release a ‘writers’ package targeted at the millions of fiction writers and (possibly) screenwriters who are totally cheesed off using the MS Word ‘dinosaur’ to write novels and outline screenplays. Possibly even designed for non fiction writers as well.

    I sincerely doubt that any screenwriters use MS Word instead of Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter. As for fiction writers, there are solid programs out there that you can use instead of Word, I’m a big fan of Ulysses by the Blue Technologies Group. I wouldn’t mind Apple making Pages a bit more adaptable to these forms, but the specialized writing software is better, in my opinion, than a Swiss Army knife word processor.

    As for the other guesses, none of you guys have any imagination. If the rumor’s as small as everyone is predicting, there’s no point even coming back on Monday to find out what it is.

  93. Jason says:

    Apple introduces the iCar.

    Wirelessly controlled smartcar – a la the DaVinci code.

    It’ll hold over a gazillion songs – and make a great latte too!!!

  94. Bob says:

    Apple will introduce a live CD version of OS X for generic biege boxes. Try it before you buy it. Vista is instantly obsolete.

    Apple’s new OS X will have the ability to run windows .exe files without needing boot camp or parallels,

    . . .we can dream, can’t we?

  95. The Shizzle says:

    Apple Inc will buy Microsoft Corp

  96. Frankie Goes to Loopiewood says:

    iTunes get a visualizer that is actually cool.

  97. Henry IV says:

    The power cord on the iMac is extended by 6 inches, and the plug is replaced with one that is 1mm smaller.

  98. Dogg says:

    iTunes is released!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Stan says:

    Apple releases the iComputer

  100. Cleopatra says:

    Steve Jobs prevents girlfriend/wife from laughing duing sex. See quote…

    “My girlfriend always laughs during sex –no matter what she’s reading.”
    Steve Jobs (Founder, Apple Computers)

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