Jealousy Abounds In Rumorville

Before we get to the meat of this post, we have to give you a little inside information about what is coming next from Apple Recon (would that make this “Apple Recon Recon”??)…we have an exclusive story that none of the other rumor sites have picked up on about a major Apple software initiative. We are working on it for Monday, and we know that it is going to blow your mind. Unlike some sites, we WILL post it when we say we will! We need the weekend to track down all the sources and get it perfect, so please bear with us. In the mean time…

Before we get into the jealousy from the other guys, first we have to give some thanks to some of the other sites out there that have picked up on the Apple Recon ad-free revolution!

O’Grady’s PowerPage, which we love, has us as their top story as of this writing.

MacSurfer’s Headline News, also a long time favorite, has picked up on us, too (under Analysts/Commentary/Editorial/Opinion)!

We really appreciate the coverage by two sites that we have so much respect for.

Back to the topic at hand, however…all is not well in rumorville…some of the other rumor sites have started to sit up and take notice of the new kid on the block, and are none too happy about the way we’ve burst onto the scene. We guess that when you cut the crap, don’t make false promises of upcoming stories that never materialize, and don’t spam the heck out of people with ads and popups, it is a real threat to the Apple rumor scene. Other sites start to take notice when you’ve been the number one site for three days straight on WordPress!!

Well, we like it OUR way, and are glad that you do too! Our readers keep coming through with the Diggs and comments and tips and support!! Keep it coming!! Without further ado, here’s some of the crap you can see from the “other guys” after the jump…MacShrine writes that we have “no known accuracy” (apparently they didn’t do their homework to see how many of the Macworld announcements we got dead right)! We’d like to see what kind of “accuracy” they have!?

MacSlash writes that whether the Apple Event is on “February or April 20th makes little difference”…which we would beg to differ with…is there anyone out there that wants to wait until April 20th for the announcement of Leopard, iLife ’07, iWork ’07, etc.??

AppleInsider seems happy to post “news” that we’ve already told you about (see the Mac Book Mini post here).

And the grandaddy of them all, Mac OS Rumors, sat on “breaking news” for weeks that a tablet is on the way (they have finally updated though, all on separate pages so you have to see dozens of ads to read their crap…we guess they were too busy finding more ways to put up broken pages and cram more flash ads on their page:

MOSR Sucks

This kind of nonsense is exactly why we’re here, ad free and proud of it! Spread the word with a Digg, and we’ll see you soon (and by soon, we mean in the next 24 hours or so…not in the next month!!).


24 Responses to Jealousy Abounds In Rumorville

  1. Charlie Marrows says:

    I did some digging on MacShrine as I was interested as they appear to have been up for around 3.5 years (they started November 2006). These are the things they’ve had right so far:

    Mac OS X 10.4 exclusive images.
    Apple studio display price drops.
    Xserve & Xsan updates.
    More Tiger exclusive tiger images.
    iPod price drops and axing of “gold” iPod mini.
    iPod photo specs.
    Motorola iPhone in iTunes.
    Mac OS X 10.4.4 update tomorrow.

  2. Johnny Appleseed says:

    I for one welcome our new rumour overlords. Viva the Mac revolution!

  3. […] neue Gerüchte-Blog “Apple Recon” hat aus unbekannter Quelle Informationen über eine riesige Apple Software-Initiative (a major Apple software initiative). Was das heißen soll? Keine Ahnung! Aber die Jungs von […]

  4. J says:

    I do like your site and even your purpose, but i think your posts have a little too much vitrol. Of course the apple rumor spin is out of control and yes it’s nice to have an “accurate” site that doesn’t report what aunt edna though mac might do, but there are some great sites out there (TUAW is my fav) and everytime i read you slamming them i think you just are starting rumor site fueding, which then becomes it’s own boring story.

  5. earpick says:

    I indeed welcome you into the list of my Google Reader subscriptions, but I think you shouldn’t get consumed by sudden attention like you are, and continue make fresh new stories without getting too much into the whole “WordPress #1” thing. Sites come and go. This attention won’t stay around for very long if you continue to discuss how great you are 🙂

  6. Dave says:

    Get over yourself! You don’t really have a history to brag much about. Let your reputation do the bragging for you, over time.

    Let’s review: Apple Recon’s MacWorld predictions…

    iPod 120GB drive No.
    Full screen iPods Kind of. I’ll give you a Yes.
    additional movie studios on iTunes Yes (one)
    iTV on sale Yes (this was already announced!)
    games to play on it No
    YouTube and Google Video No
    Leopard, new UI and new Finder, Improved Boot Camp and Front Row No.
    iLife 07 and iWork (with Spreadsheet) No
    8-core Mac Pro No
    MacBook Pro speed bump No
    MacBook Duo No
    no announcement of the phone that made love to an iPod NO!
    iPhone capabilities:
    iTunes capabilities Yes (duh)
    GPS No
    2MP camera Yes
    iPod/iTV games No
    No full keyboard Yes

    A mixed record, with some HUGE misses.

  7. earpick says:

    Dude, what the heck do you expect. This is a rumour site, hello. This is like sex fantasies – it’d be cool if they came true, but there is no guarantee.

  8. earpick says:

    Ha! TUAW totally syndicated you =)

  9. applerecon says:

    Appreciate the feedback from everyone!! We will cut out the “we’re number 1” stuff 🙂 And you are right on, The Unofficial Apple Weblog is AWESOME, they’re on the list of “good guys” if you ask us. We’ll lay off that for a bit and get on to the rumors…we’re so excited about the Monday report, we can hardly even stand it!! A little more detail on that coming tonight in conjunction with our announcement of the first ever Apple Recon contest!

  10. […] It looks like a new “hot chick” has transferred to Mac Rumor High, and is stealing all the other girl’s boyfriends. At least, that is what appears to be happening, according to Apple Recon. […]

  11. Jeremy says:

    Wow this is awesome. im gald to see people loving apple as much as i do. and the next thing thats so cool is its the number one blog. go mac. =)

  12. Jonnycakes says:

    macosrumors reeks of made-up garbage that has been repeatedely published and proven untrue. “Grandaddy” is a toothless, senile old fart.

  13. BC says:

    Ah, I see now. When I first found out about this site on PowerPage, I thought you were somehow affiliated with the Apple Recon site that was run for years by Echo 4 Communications/Recon for Investors. But I guess it’s just a coincidence of names

  14. SMTP says:

    BC said: “I thought you were somehow affiliated with the Apple Recon site that was run for years by Echo 4 Communications/Recon for Investors”

    Ah yes, I thought the same too. I kind of miss Robert K. Morgans over the top speculations. The irony is that some of them did pan out in recent years (since much of the speculation was always centered around leveraging the core technologies of Rhapsody which we all know morphed into Mac OS X). The only thing that got a bit out of hand was his infatuations with an “Apple Media Player” which at the time was an old prototype set top box from a few years earlier. The twist in that too is some of his speculations came true nearly a decade after with Apple TV. The other funny one I remember was his turning the old G3 logo on the B&W Power Mac on its side since it looked like Mickey Mouse ears implying something big with Apple and Disney. The irony of that wasn’t lost on me either when Jobs sold Pixar to Disney.

  15. willem says:

    your lack of advertising knocks a couple of other mac sites off my tabs; i hope that i won’t be “bait and switched.”
    i found you through the powerpage, which i visit grudgingly because of crap advertising and whinging o’grady personality. mayhaps you’ll make them unnecessary, too.
    meanwhile, best of luck to you.

  16. Mike McGann says:

    I love all this bitching about ads. I love how people think Web content should be free and people should make no money off it. I think you should also stop getting a paycheck and work all day for free — so if you hate sites with ads, please don’t visit any of mine (I don’t go nuts, I don’t have pop-ups, but I have ads) as an experienced, professional tech writer, I expect to get paid for my work.

    I have two issues with this site, beyond it angst issues: no long-term business model (very 1999 of you) and let’s be honest, and off the shelf Word Press site doesn’t exaclty inspire confidence that you’re not a bunch of 15 year olds.

    Hey, good luck, and all, but I see some issues for you’all.

  17. Ken says:

    I don’t care who hosts your site, whether you are 15 or 50 years old, or whether you have ads. Just take this bit of advice:

    Talk about yourself less and about Apple more.

  18. Eric Anondson says:

    Is this Apple Recon related to the Apple Recon that was around about, oh, a decade ago that seemed to focus on Apple rumors especially from an investor’s interest? I miss that old Apple Recon dearly. It was among my favorite Apple gossip sites.

    I must say, the writing bears a remarkable similarity.

    Enquiring minds want to know…

  19. willem says:

    thanks for the up, mike mcgann; i don’t know what sites you are master of, but i’ll heed your invitation to avoid them.
    imagine- the audacity of praising advertising-free web sites! that’s downright unamerican isn’t it?

  20. Alec says:

    iLife/iWork will be a pack-in for Leopard and Ready to realease…….

  21. Bob says:

    You guys need to prove yourselves, and drop the “we’re better than they are” war. I have sites I’ve enjoyed for a long time, (AppleInsider is one of my favorites), and they’re my favorites because they’ve got track records; they ALL make mistakes from time to time, as do many well-known Mac pundits.

    Where’s the business model if there are no ads? I have to wonder. Even Leo, who used to talk about TWiT’s not having ads, now has ads on TWiT, to make it worthwhile to do the podcasts. So never say never…

  22. link says:


    i agree

  23. Jrmorgan says:

    Dear All, Apple Recon For Investors Writer Robert Morgan Is ALIVE! He was considering opening RFI again. I just talked to him and he says if enough people want RFI back he will start it up. Please e-mail the RFI Address and so we can calculate how many people want Apple Recon For Investors Back. If Robert and I get enough people who want it back Robert will start it up again!

  24. The past decade has been *REALLY* TOUGH but Family & my health came first. Before my disability & hospitalization in fall 2000, I had *FINALLY* agreed to give in to pressure & “run money” based on “The Indicator,” Recon, & Analysis; but I had to put those plans on hold @ the time. BTW, the “Old AppleRecon” & RFI had *NO* ads because our subscribers *SUBSIDIZED* the costs for the public. Ergo, no ads for the freeriders, as it were. In the future? All bets are off.
    And as far as the WSJ is concerned, it was RFI that “PIONEERED” the “Pay For Content Access Business Model” in 1995. And we’ll also gladly post the “Golden Convergence” Special Report from the 90’s, as well as the “Market Sell Signal” from 6 Mar 00; as well as our warnings about the “Housing Bubble & 125% House Loans” from the late 90’s/early “Oughts!” LOL. MTK/Gay Blade/Heretical Monks You’re MY HEROES!!!!!! Wobs/Woba/rkm

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