Juicy Mac Book Details

Over the last few days, we have received recon about the future of the Mac Book (the consumer version) and we felt it hot enough to warrant its own article. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the future, with all the glory that “Santa Rosa” will bring to Apple’s consumer platform.

First, the code name, for those that aren’t familiar, Santa Rosa is the code name of Intel’s newest mobile platform…it has several interesting new features for potential Mac Book buyers:

  • Integrated 802.11n (yeah, we know, we already have that, but this is built into the platform, like 802.11b/g was built into Centrino)
  • MUCH faster graphics (using Intel’s GMA X3000)
  • 800 MHz frontside bus (faster memory, more data, blablabla)
  • Support for Flash Memory (huge power savings, faster boot times, etc.)
  • Dual HD support (we don’t anticipate seeing this in the Mac Book any time soon, but perhaps in a 17″ Mac Book Pro in the not too distant future…can you say hardware RAID in a laptop??)

Second, as you’ve come to expect from Apple Recon, not just the boring tech specs, but the analysis of what this all means. We’ll start with the 802.11n being built in…that alone is pretty huge, considering power savings and reducing components that Apple needs to purchase…802.11n fits well into the new Airport Express devices that Apple announced at Macworld, too. The new 800 MHz bus should give a nice improvement in overall system performance (roughly a 20% increase in raw memory speed, along with faster processors, should give the new Mac Book a 15-20% edge right out of the gate compared with the current generation).

Couple those things with flash memory built right in to the platform (not into proprietary hard drives like Samsung and some of the others are doing), and you get some great performance. A quick aside on the flash memory in the hard drive thing…many sites were down on the idea that Apple had turned down the Samsung drives…we are not one of them…what kind of dumb move is it integrating the flash into the hard drive? You’ve already got cache in the drive itself (most ship with 8 or 16 MB now), and the last thing we need is to build a couple gigs of flash into the damned thing, that we then throw out if/when we upgrade to a bigger drive! Apple has definitely taken the right path there going the path to integrate it right into the system, rather than using glorified hard drive cache.

Finally, however, a word about the graphics card. The X3000 is no slouch (mind you it isn’t a $400-500 card either) and it is plenty fast. The great thing about it is that it supports all the stuff that the GMA950 didn’t (which currently powers the Mac Book), including hardware T&L, OpenGL 2.0, a hardware vertex shader, and more than a 50% increase in core clock rate (667MHz vs. 400MHz). Oh, and it also supports 384MB of video memory as opposed to the paltry 128 with the 950. Finally, the graphics support of the Mac Book will be solid (not spectacular, but a lot better than today’s offering).

More as it becomes available, we are still expecting a Mac Book update here in the spring, and keep an eye out for when Intel starts shipping Santa Rosa, as this is the future of the Mac Book. As always, send us your dirt at applerecon@gmail.com, sound off in the comments, and never forget to give your new favorite rumor site a little Digg:

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27 Responses to Juicy Mac Book Details

  1. pbooty says:

    For a blog that likes to rail against the traditional rumor sites and claims to be bringing fresh information despite still having to yet accurately predict anything correct, I find it funny that you basically stole this from a wiki on macrumors and then made it seem like you have exclusive inside information.

    as seen on http://guides.macrumors.com/Merom

    Merom is currently used in the MacBook Pro, MacBook, and iMac (Intel)…….

    ….In Q2 2007 Intel plans to ship the Santa Rosa mobile platform. This will be the pairing of updated variants of Merom with the new Crestline chipset. The features will be derived off of the current desktop 965 series. It will come in the GM965 and PM965 versions. The updated Merom is housed in the new socket P. The new platform will sport an 800 MHz Front Side Bus [5] , 802.11n wireless, and Robson flash technology. The variants with integrated graphics feature the updated GMA X3000. [6]

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  3. mungler says:

    pbooty you are a fool. intel publish their roadmaps months in advance. these features of Santa Rosa are well known. applerecon are just translating them into what its likely to mean for mac users.

  4. jaryileka says:

    What’s with the gmail address?

  5. pbooty says:

    mungler, I’m aware of the road mapping.

    The point I was trying to make, and granted on my part not terribly clear is the fact that this information is posted all over the internet and by no means do they have exclusive tips like they continually claim to have i.e. “Over the last few days, we have received recon about the future of the Mac Book (the consumer version) and we felt it hot enough to warrant its own article.”

  6. Ethan says:

    pbooty, I agree that they shouldn’t have had an intro implying that they’re the recipients of special information that they will now make available to the public. However, all in all this is a fine post that, like mungler said, provides a good insight into what this information means to the common consumer.

    Your first comment, pbooty, presents a very poor argument. You’re trying to imply that because this post has no new technical information (but only explains very well what the information’s effect is on the product) Apple Recon isn’t as good a source of information as other apple news/rumors sites. I’d say that at this point, Apple Recon is no replacement for others, considering they don’t quite cover everything I’d like to know, but they have an unprecedented outlook on lots of the actual information that I enjoy very much, as do others.

    Also, as for “having to yet accurately predict anything correct”, moot point. This site is about a month old – most of what they have already predicted won’t be known true or false yet anyways.

  7. Dave Hagan says:

    Anyone could have written this stuff! Give us details we don’t know, like new enclosure, higher resolution more PPI display…etc.

  8. Jason says:

    eh – yet another non-post from these guys.

    I just lke commenting on the articles. haha.

  9. gwhiz says:

    Color me stupid… But, is it possible to upgrade the video card inside a MacBook (Pro)? I’ve upgraded all kinds of video cards in Quadras, G4s and G5s… Never really stopped to wonder if it’s even possible to mod the vid in a laptop with postpurchased gear… Anyone?

  10. alex says:

    The one thing I didn’t expect from Apple Recon is NOT ORIGINAL. “…many sites were down on the idea that Apple had turned down the Samsung drives…we are not one of them…” I like that you guys have a nice design and no ads but be original just tell the stories like they are from Apple Recon not some other site.

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  12. mackle says:

    “Apple has definitely taken the right path there going the path to integrate it right into the system, rather than using glorified hard drive cache.”

    Nice sentence…

  13. alysonstrother says:

    None of this is “juicy” information.

  14. OK, I’m gonna sound really stupid here, but what’s a “non-consumer macbook”?

  15. Karen says:

    hollywoodphony, “non-consumer” would be “business”.

  16. Steven says:

    This entire site is getting real lame and pointless. I’m not 5 years old. I have a brain. I can put 2 and 2 together. There is no juicy or inside info here, just some other Joe’s run-on speculation and I now feel like the hour or so of life I’ve spent reading this site over the past week could have been better served drunk off my ass on a 12 pack watching re-runs of the Anna Nicole Show on E!

  17. Jason says:

    Steven – PRICELESS!

    Let’s all get together and watch Anna Nicole now…

    The more I check back on this site – the more I LOVE reading all the responses.

    fun fun fun.

  18. Jeff Ventura says:

    This blog is nothing more than a bunch of speculation with “juicy” headlines to drive hits to its non-news.

    Before long it will be gone, because people will remember that it has no real content whatsoever.

  19. Cleopatra says:

    What happened to the big news item that was supposed to come out on Monday???? _____________________________________________________________________________________________

  20. Blunt says:

    ‘Apple has definitely taken the right path there going the path to integrate it right into the system, rather than using glorified hard drive cache.’

    You are a fool, it is not a dumb move to have the flash memory built into the hard drive. It’s actually way better built into the drive than having it built into the motherboard.

    If it’s built onto the MB you can’t upgrade it easily by buying a new HD with bigger flash memory. It wasn’t developed to be a larger cache, but rather to store the core OS files permanently in order to speed up access times and save battery life by not having the drive spinning all the time. Which means your computer boots in seconds rather than tens of seconds and that the HD can be powered off 90% of the time saving valuable battery life because it would only need to spin up once in a while to write files to the disk permanently. Not to mention reducing HD damage. Cache memory is just ram and requires a current to store the data, flash can store it without current. They are totally different. When the flash integrated drives are cheaper which they will be in the next year, instead of being able to just buy a new drive to take advantage of the benefits one would basically have to get a new computer. Total ripoff for new mac owners. The way Apple is doing it is actually just a glorified HD cache. Which is kinda ironic given your remarks. Unless of course apple is planning on having enough flash memory onboard to store OS X and make it easily upgradable. Otherwise it’s just stupid.

    You really should know what you are talking about before you post an absurd remark like that.

  21. chris says:

    DAMMMMN….and im reading this on my first gen macbook. Wish I could get rid of the GMA950 graphics.

  22. jaryileka says:

    Jason – I also enjoy reading the comments better than the actual posts. Well, there are a lot more of them anyway… I supposed AppleRecon will spend another 3 days looking for something juicy. I think this reconblog is probably a writing project for some high school senior.

  23. That’s awesome!!!!
    Apple just rocks!!!!!!!

    Chris, you think your first gen Mac Book is low on graphics? Try an iBook…
    But don’t take me wrong – I still love my iBook!!!

  24. zeromagik says:

    im really sorry about this but i dont have a website to get this information out, this is purely speculative but i think it may be of value to many,

    1) there is an tv box for normal everyday tvs (more in a second), read tvs without component or hdmi.

    2 )the next version of the ipod will not have wireless syncing.

    okay now my thinkings, ill go with number 2) first off- why will the next version not have wireless syncing, at its current state wifi with apple has just reached a draft n stage, supposedly giving upto (and i use this loosly) 500 megabits per second, similar to usb 2.

    i ve had one of the new airport extreme base stations for about a week now and its great the airport disk works great, except my macbook is a 1st gen model it has only got the 54mbps wifi card. this basically equates to something that reminds me of usb 1 transfers when transfering files from my macbook to the airport disk, anyway no biggie its something i can live with,

    i tried an experiment looking at the tv i see it shows up in itunes even when connected wirelessly so i thought why shouldnt my ipod do the same if i connect it to the usb port on the back of the extreme, so i did and guess what….. it didnt show up, it also didnt show up as an airport disk, this made me wonder. anyway after my ramblings the reason why the next gen ipod will not have wireless sync is due to the newness of the draft N spec, it hasnt been adopted by enough people yet to make wireless syncing a viable option, if you have a new macbook, and airport express wireless transfer of files is quick, but for me and the millions of 1st gen owners our information goes at the slow 54mbps at best speed, just because its N it dosnt make it any faster its still 54mbps. my ipod has to be directly connected to a computer to get it to transfer files ,quickly, like everyone else.

    sure i can send files to my ipod from my airport disk based itunes library but it is still slow, and Apple as we all know is about the user experience and as of yet until the majority are using N spec wifi there will be no wireless syncing of the ipod.

    look out for N spec docks though these are a possibility but,not apples own, i would stick to the fact that apple would prefer wifi built in to the ipod, but at present its not something that can be made A) small enough and B) easy on the battery life, if you use a dock and transfer files without plugging into the mains, you wont be able to enjoy your media for very long before your battery croaks out,

    will ther be a wifi enabled ipod definetly, will it do wireless sync yes, but……. heres my thought on point 1) it wont be until the 2 or possibly 3rd gen of the tv, why…the apple tv box for normal no hd tvs is……the 5g video ipod. it has tv out both composite and s-video, no di def, this pleases the movie industry as the quality aint that good, and you have to reencode any hidef type material to go onto it normal files wont go, as the player dosnt have the codecs to play them.

    so what am i getting at the future of the ipod is, a long battery life, wifi sync built in, and hdmi/dvi and everty other type of output you could imagine from the 30pin dock connector.

    the tv i think is the trojan horse to get apple into the living room, like the mac mini was to get apple into peoples computer lives, when it all comes down to it, there will only be 3 items that a person needs to maintain a healthy apple lifestyle –

    1) a mac computer what ever type that will be when this happens (this is the digital lfestyle hub.N-spec wi-fi.

    2) an ipod whatever that will be when this happens, as it will make your media portable, no need to copy dvds to a disc to take to your mates just take your ipod round plug in and away you go, no file left your ipod, and you cant get it off to make an illegal copy. and with N spec wifi built in finally wifi sync. and itll be your own tv unit.

    3) an airport express base station this really is the key piece to get, its the first piece of the N- spec puzzle and will the basis of the N- spec home, files will be able to be stored here and distributed with ease ( i think this is a Gen-1 Apple home server).

    so ill sign off by saying i hope i havnt bored anyone, i just wanted to post my thoughts, and buy N-spec wifi, the sooner the majority use it the sooner well get our wifi, itunes syncing ipod.

    there are some other points about what i think the future of apple may hold, but ill wait to post them… i think you’ve read enough.


  25. zeromagik says:

    forgot to say it is purtent to the story on this page as a new macbook with the newest technology may just be the tipping point for us 1st gen owners to bite the bullet and upgrade thus selling our old version to someone to get them into the apple fold.

    again it means that a larger majority will be using N-spec wifi, thus bring the wifi syncing ipod closer.

  26. Jammy says:

    I really love my wee ipod its just perfect and it gets better and better

  27. zen master says:

    While the Mac faithful are still twiddling their thumbs waiting for Apple to finally bump those sexy MacBook Pros to Merom status, Intel’s not wasting any time officially dubbing its next generation notebook platform. The company unveiled the Santa Rosa chipset, complete with integrated HSDPA, at this year’s Intel Developer’s Forum, but we’ve now learned that it will not only be built “around the 64-bit dual-core Merom” processor, but it’ll carry a “Centrino Pro” nametag to boot. Although specific speeds weren’t announced, the chip giant did say that next year’s Core 2 Duo lineup would include “T7300, T7500 and T7700 models,” which boast an “800MHz front side bus and 4MB L2 cache,” while the low-end T7100 gets it on-die cache halved. Simultaneously, Intel’s “GM965/PM965 chipsets and 82566MM Gigabit Network/Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN network chips” will be unveiled to complete the Centrino Pro trifecta. Intel’s planning on having these expeditious goodies ready by “Q2 2007,” and the $300 million its throwing down for “promotion purposes” should keep us all very informed on its progress.

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