Viewer Mail – Volume 2

Seems like it was time for another one of these…we’ll paraphrase some of the comments and questions we’ve gotten over the past few days and try to get some answers out to everyone…

First, is what is Apple’s plan for the daylight savings time fiasco that is coming up in March as a result of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (spring forward a couple weeks earlier, fall back a week or so later)? Well, good news, it has been in place since 10.4.6.

Next, iPod warranty pricing…we’re told that the pricing has recently changed from $249 to $179 (or less) to replace a broken iPod…NICE. In fact, many of the prices have gone down considerably…Thanks KH for the tip!

When will the new Mac Books be released?? Sorry to say, it is looking to us like it’s going to be a little while still, maybe not until WWDC :(. We will keep everyone posted. By the way, did you notice that we NAILED the fact that WWDC was going to be in June? We had that here before anyone else did, at least, as far as we know!! Anyway, that would be both for the whole line perhaps, including the long-awaited ultraportable (which we’ve been calling Mac Book Mini around here).

iLife and iWork dates, Sky, you wanted to know…well, here’s the scoop, they are still on track for Leopard-time…why is that? It isn’t because they require Leopard (although, vice versa may be true, that Leopard may not work with older versions of iLife in particular)…they will work better with Leopard and have more features if you run them in Leopard (vs. Tiger)…one reason to hold them back is they have a lot of interface cues from the new operating system, and Apple is still trying to keep that under wraps…a bigger reason though, is that it makes sense to release them at the same time…when the Mac faithful show up to buy their copy of Leopard, it will be easy to upsell them on a copy of iLife ’07 or iWork ’07…better yet, look at it this way…if you’re going to plunk down $79 for iLife ’07 and $129 for Leopard…that’s a couple hundred bucks…suddenly people will start thinking “gee, if I put that money toward a new Mac, and put the old one on eBay…I’d come out pretty good”…Apple is no fool.

HDJ speculates on a new iPod coming in a few weeks alongside an iTunes update…we will just be honest with you and tell you we haven’t heard anything specific about it, but if anyone DOES have anything specific to share, drop us a line!

Speaking of dropping us a line, several have commented that since Apple and Google are all buddies these days, and we are using a Gmail address for tips, we must be secret agents working for Apple to catch spies…well, dangit, you got us! Seriously, put that tinfoil hat back on, and while you’re at it, better make a full tinfoil suit to go with it 🙂

And, saving the best for last, LF writes with a juicy tip…that USB2.0 port on the Apple TV…you know, that could be used to add a Blu-ray drive (or HD-DVD, but take it from us, Blu-ray is well on its way to dominating…it holds more data, and Sony is not going to give in and ship their movies on HD-DVD…whereas all the other studios are going to give in and go Blu)…that is genius! The Apple TV already has the horsepower to display HD content streamed from a computer in your home (and soon directly from iTunes!)…no reason it couldn’t do the same from a locally attached device!! And, it would be a lot cheaper than existing players, because you’d already own the bulk of the device in the form of the Apple TV itself, you’d basically just be buying the drive!!

PHEW! Lots more to comment on, but this post is already getting pretty long…you know our usual way of closing things down…comments below, tips to and take a few seconds to give us a…

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76 Responses to Viewer Mail – Volume 2

  1. ohcyt says:

    Could you at least hand us some links to the news you bring? For instance, I’d like to read anything regarding new iPod’s yet I have no clue where to find ‘HDJ’…

  2. Ethan says:

    ohcyt – view mail means they’re responding to emails they’ve gotten. HDJ, and all the other names listed are names of viewers (I rather call them readers though…).

  3. GCS says:

    Regarding the time change
    the 10.4 uses may be fine, but what about all th rest of us on 10.3?

  4. randall says:

    WWDC has been in June for 4 out of the last five years. Yey . Congratulations.

  5. Rolando Sanchez says:

    What about the 8-core descktop Pro? When do you think that will be out?

  6. mgkg3 says:

    Based on new patent awards, the tablet notion might be true. You know, the one you mentioned while back. Essentially using tablet to connect to the desktop/laptop at a fraction of the cost of buying and maintaining a laptop.

    It can be used as wireless digital picture frame (and charging) when not in use and when needed, it can access every file and on-line content via touch screen. It can even stream to AppleTV…

    There actually maybe something to your speculation on this one…

  7. GCS says:

    Thanks but no patches here from scriptkiddies;

    10.3 users here’s the official Apple fix:
    Apple also today release Java for Mac OS X 10.3 Update 5 which adds support for the latest Daylight Saving Time (DST) and time zone information as of January 8, 2007 and addresses a problem where some Java applications fail to launch.

    For more details on this Update:

  8. GCS says:

    And by the way the 10.4 fis is also available from Apple

  9. inky says:

    You guys are funnier than Crazy Apple Rumours: Apple TV as Blu-Ray player… fantastic stuff.
    Just to clarify – AppleTV does not play 1080p hi-def; it does, however, support H264 encoded material at 720p (at 24fps) or 480p.
    More importantly, it does not play back files encoded in VC-1 (which appears to have become the codec of choice for most new BR and HD hi-def DVDs). In fact, its CPU packs such little power, that anything over a ridiculously low bit-rate 720p file would be unplayable.
    Think about it: the Sony VGXXL202 (equipped with a desk-top class C2Duo at 2.133 and a 7600 with HD hardware accelleration) experiences *some* stuttering when playing back BR DVDs. AppleTV offers less computational power than the 7600… you do the math.
    We all enjoy our rumour-mongering, but it’s important not to descend into silliness of this sort (or claiming that Apple magic pixies will fit an X1900-class card into a sub-notebook…)

  10. ifrancesco says:


  11. SportsfanMAW says:

    Hmmm if the daylight savings update has been in place since 10.4.6 how come they just released an update for it a few days ago?

  12. MacMississauga says:

    They released an update to DST, install it, shut the fuck up, and move on to something else for God’s sake

  13. SportsfanMAW says:

    What the hell is wrong with you macmississauga?
    I’m just saying im not really believe the crediblity of this site anymore because they claimed it was updated a while ago and it was updated the other day. No need to flip

  14. merouane says:

    thanks for this great word

  15. Dave Hagan says:

    guys, the USB port on the back of the Apple TV’s is a service port only. Even if it was capable of attaching a peripheral like a BluRay drive, would you want an HD signal streaming over USB 2 or Firewire? Seems like USB would be too slow for the sustained data transfer rate of h.264 on BluRay.

  16. 20th Feb.? says:

    So, what’s happening today?

  17. Tony C says:

    The HD wars aren’t over yet but a long way. Remember it’s the US porn industry that will have the final say on which way this goes, they did with VHS vs Betamax and it’s an industry worth more than Hollywood.

  18. pbooty says:

    False Predictions Abound in Rumorville.

    Still batting .000 in predicitions my friends. The predicted event that you were so proud of getting coverage for on digg and other site has come and passed.

  19. Korikani says:

    too bad !! no good prediction yet… Time to unsubscribe this feed

  20. fade says:

    Cat got your tongue?

  21. GCS says:

    Gez, even MacOSRumors has published 2 updates sine this stale post@

  22. GCS says:

    Even MacOSRumors has published 2 updates sine this stale post!

  23. GCS says:

    Something is wrong with the wordpress database here.

  24. GCS says:

    Meanwhile while we await a new article: some spice and non rumor on a completely different subject

  25. AppleRecon is Clueless says:

    Do you make stuff up? Spin a wheel? Use Tarot card? You guys suck. You’re never right. What a waste of net space – I’m Done

  26. Mr. H says:

    I gotta say, it’s been over a week since your last post, and I’ve read plenty of juicy Apple rumors on other sites. I think it’s time to unsubscribe.

  27. GCS says:

    dead site – RIP Robert Morgan

  28. DJB says:

    You tried but failed miserably.

  29. The Ghost of Apple Recon says:

    Are you sick and tired of the lame Apple rumor sites out there?

    Tired of the sites that promise new postings, and never deliver?

    Well, we are too!

    Oh…wait. We are one of those sites. Damn.

  30. Philip Thrasher says:

    Do you guys need another writer? I am willing. Email me.

  31. shumate says:

    Wow, this has certainly been an exciting week for Apple Recon! Keep up the good work.

  32. blahblah says:

    And to think I added your RSS to my blog reader. For shame, apple recon!

  33. Jason says:


    you guys (apple recon) suck.

    just give up the domain name to someone who’ll actually use it.

    i will now go and delete my bookmark.

  34. brock says:

    yet another site that’s a waste of space.

    bookmark deleted.

  35. Clark Nova says:

    Oh, well…

  36. Steven says:


  37. nergalicious says:

    Post something will y’ ?

    I’m taking you of me blog roll but I’ll keep checking. I hope nothing bad has happened that may prevent you from posting.

  38. Johnny Appleseed says:

    Guess the novelty (or supply of original material) wore off…

  39. Chris says:

    Seriously?! What happened? Was this a clever tactic to drive traffic back to since you bagged on them a couple times? If so, I would assume it worked because I find myself going back there more often since you shut down.

  40. Joe says:

    Congratulations, you have been selected to receive two free iPod Nanos…
    Oops. Sorry, thought this was macosrumors. Never-mind.

  41. Matt says:

    Couldn’t agree more. You guys promised the moon but unceremoniously petered
    out on us. Were the stories just concocted to get hits on the site or what?
    Good journalism = good response to the site. Petering out ≠ a good
    reputation in the Mac news and rumor reporting community. I mean I could
    make all kinds of comparisons but I won’t. Updates dudes, even if nothing
    much is going on, just generate discussion. And what was up with all the
    whack stories? They sounded good if they weren’t pulled straight from your
    ass. If you want to even remain remotely relevant in the community, take a
    page out of’s book and post updates frequently. It keeps
    people coming back for more. I don’t think I’ll be back to your site much
    like I don’t visit anymore. makes grandiose
    promises on “new and fresh dirt”, yet somehow, they never seem to
    materialize. Interesting? Possibly but only in as much as it shows that
    they’re grabbing at straws trying to maintain their readership. I guess you
    have to dangle the carrot to keep that ad revenue flowing in.

    But, since you don’t have any ads on your site to worry about, I’m not sure
    what’s up. Like Bob said, it was fun while it lasted and if nothing else,
    it made for interesting shitter reading.


    Markedly Underwhelmed

  42. Matt says:

    So why are you guys surgically stripping out people’s comments? I don’t see Bob’s comment anymore. Peter puffers.

  43. Antone says:

    Last Post!!!

  44. Desktopjunk says:

    Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

  45. Scott says:

    Porn will not be the deciding factor in the HD race. There was no internet in the VHS/beta days. I do agree that given the latest sales stats, blu-ray is well on its way to winning. It all comes down to content.

  46. apple_recon sucks says:

    what happened? no posts or juicy unreliable posts for so long? come on……gave up so soon?

  47. Peter says:

    Just wanted to let you know I’m removing this link from my regularly-checked sites. You guys used to be great! Too bad you’ve dropped off the map –

  48. phunkus says:

    yeah, i agree. i cant believe i have this site tabbed, and go every day for the last few months with NOOOOOO updates. this site blows now, too bad.. had potential. peace

  49. Let me take over this website…email me…

  50. Hotusd says:

    hey.. that’s agreat post
    thank uu

  51. Levi says:

    Here is a website I found recently AppleHound that talks about Apple products. It isn’t a rumor site like this was, but it is still fun.

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  53. AR blog says:

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  54. fuck recon says:

    what happened to the site? you guys have become so quiet???

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  64. psp go! says:

    PSP Go is going to rock the handheld market 😀 Can’t wait for it to come out.

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  67. steve says:

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