Are you sick and tired of the lame Apple rumor sites out there?

Tired of the sites that promise new postings, and never deliver?

Tired of the sites with their broken pages, flash ads, popups, and craptacular designs?

Well, we are too!

As the title says, this is going to be the start of something entirely new in the world of Apple rumors. 2006 was arguably the best year in Apple’s history. Here we are, at the dawn of 2007, which will surely be an even bigger year for Apple, we’d like to invite all of the Apple newbies, all of the Apple insiders, all of the Apple spies, all of the Apple faithful, and all of the haters that secretly wish their computers were Macs, to join a new community dedicated all the magic and wonder that is Apple!

Our mission is to bring you the interesting Apple rumors and news from around the web, with commentary that you’ll actually enjoy reading and rumors and inside information that knock your rainbow colored Apple iPod Socks off! As you may have guessed from our site name, Apple Recon, we’ll have a bit of that old world retro Apple charm that is legendary throughout the business world. Anyone who remembers MacWeek and the Apple Recon column by the same name, knows the kind of standard we will aspire to live up to…we will make our name sake proud!!

Strap on your Nike+ armbands and crank the volume on that iPod up beyond its artificial maximum limit, hold our calls from Apple Legal…here we go!


58 Responses to About

  1. Hey – thanks for your comment on my blog post about MacWorld. I think you’ve got a really cool idea for a site here. Best of luck, and I’ll be back often to see how things go!

  2. adadsfa says:

    wtf? this is just another bs site.

  3. applerecon says:

    @ adadsfa – we’re glad to say, this is NOT just another bs site…want to know why? If we were another bs site, we would delete your comment and censor you! But, we don’t roll that way here at applerecon.com and will let our work speak for itself…all we ask is that you give us a chance, but if you don’t want to, everyone is entitled to their opinion!!

    Thanks for joining us, and tell your friends 😉

  4. Techno Guy says:

    I think that this site is going to be on my daily check list (-:

    Thanks for making such a good and simple site that just tells you the stuff we want to here (-:

  5. amer says:

    hi.. I like your style!

  6. kspen says:

    I saw your site on Digg about the February special event. When I saw your name I about flipped with joy. I followed this site for years http://www.pelagius.com/AppleRecon/, and it was also very accurate. Is there any affiliation with the old Apple Recon for Investors?
    Either way–You have some great info–and you are my newest addition to my Mac Rumors feeds-Thanks.

  7. Zach says:

    Glad to see you’re back! I was an avid reader of your site back in the day. This is not just another bs website!

  8. mcloki says:

    Is this version of Apple recon at all related to the old Apple recon?

  9. Jonathan says:

    Any relation to Mac Recon?

  10. brau says:

    What I want is daily content from all the Apple sources, like MacDailyNews, but without all the annoying ads. There are enough rumor sites already and I only read them if MDN posts a link.

  11. applerecon says:

    To answer the questions above…nope, not related at all to Mac Recon, other than we know of their site and like what they’re doing over there…minus the ads, of course 😉 And as for the original Apple Recon, we are not Robert Morgan and his team, but started this site to operate in the same vein as they did, reliable Apple Recon, no BS. We LOVED that site ourselves, and if Mr. Morgan (or any of his affiliates) is out there, we’d be honored to hear from him at applerecon@gmail.com.

  12. GCS says:

    I think RM passed away a decade ago and was reason site ended. Could be wrong.
    Regards and luck to you all in your efforts to continue RM’s work.

    PS: He was always touting convergence – he’d realy love how right his forecasts were.

  13. mcloki says:

    That would be very sad to learn. Robert Morgan was very smart and it was always great that he shared his knowledge. I agree That he would have love all of this convergence mania that is going on. His rants about Apple Disney are/were very prescient. I heard the same rumour about his death from Dennis Sellers at Macsimum News. Wherever he is, I hope he knows he’s missed. And my hope and wish for this site is that they try and live up to those standards. You’ve started off well so far. Good luck.

  14. Alarik Skarstrom says:

    Way back when, Morgan was the reason, or one of the reasons, why I was persuaded to buy Apple stock, which turned out to be an unexpected and ironic blessing.

    Morgan was indeed v.smart and a stylish writer. I am grateful to him.

  15. GCS says:

    I believe it was either a heart attack or a stroke. RM was in the hospital for a while but as I recall died there. There was a black background on the last AR post and a short note he was gone. The site went down shortly after that.

  16. NMR Guy says:

    Strangely, Apple Recon is still sitting there on the web:


    Go figure…

  17. OD says:

    The most accurate website fro apple information is apple.com – when there is a new thing it is advertised. Why do I need to read about speculations?

  18. […] be grateful to be mentioned on an established 3 and a half year old site, but it seems not… Apple Recon have been bitching about treatment from ourselves and other Mac sites on how we handled a story of […]

  19. A Língua! says:

    The editor from this site is very sissy. He should feel very honored to see that a few sites that based an information on one released here to acknowledge the news source. Sad it would be if the othere site or blog didn’t recognize the source.

  20. nintenstar says:

    Put up the blog hits

  21. feas says:

    Hi folks,

    on monday the 05th of January the Apple Store and the After Sales guys have to work overtime.
    This happens only if a new product will be released.
    Rumors within Apple say it could be the release of the Leopard or new MacBooks.

  22. johnnystarr says:

    Hey cheers for putting this up. I have just converted to a mac and recently bought an iMac which I have to say is the best thing I have ever used. I dreamt about getting one so I saved and saved now that dream is reality and I will never go back to a pc ever!

  23. Philip says:

    I’ll definitely be readiing your blog regularly. I recently pitched my HP Pavilion in place of a shiny new MacBook, so I’m proud to say that I have joined the ranks of the devoted Mac users! Please visit my blog as well if you get a chance.

  24. localcatala says:

    Nice, we like a lot this blog, we will read frequently!
    Best Regards from Catalonia, a nation of Europe!

  25. Xam says:

    “we’re glad to say, this is NOT just another bs site”
    Sorry but you are today…

  26. ZooWall says:

    Have you guys just given up?

  27. Hawk says:

    Quote@AppleRecon: “…craptacular…”
    SUCH an awesome word.

  28. Chuck C says:

    Did these guys get shut down, or are you away for ski week???

  29. Anonymous says:

    You guys didn’t deliver for the Feb. 20 event. Shut down now while you’re ahead.

  30. Kely says:

    Dear Apple Recon, great website. This has been an awesome ride the last fourteen days, Whew! Exhausting. I have a couple of hot tips for you. Hope this doesn’t get you guys in any trouble, but here goes…you can find great information about apple products at http://www.macrumors.com, http://www.appleinsider.com, and even http://www.thinksecret.com. Be warned, however, they actually post rumors and information, and they update regularly. Keep up the awesome job!

  31. John Whorfin says:

    “Tired of the sites that promise new postings, and never deliver?”


  32. Matt says:

    You have not posted in 2 weeks. You are making yourself a liar.

  33. Matt says:

    PS you suck

  34. Publish Or Perish says:

    10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1….

  35. feasss says:


  36. Bunyip says:

    Maybe they went on a really long holiday.

    Or something….

  37. NewYorkMac says:

    What happened? At least post a reason for your disappearance…. Very weird!

  38. MacFire says:

    When are you going to update? You started out so strong and faded to nothing!

  39. You guys were good while it lasted. Now you guys are so lame! mac 4 lyfe

  40. Bob says:

    So I was jerking off and all of a sudden guess what entered my head…. the lamest Apple site in the history of Apple sites: Apple Recon! Now, don’t ask me what I was thinking about Apple Recon while I was pleasuring myself. I was trying to keep Jessica Alba front and center but some how she just slipped away. Maybe Apple Recon popped into my head because, like my longing for Jessica Alba, I longed for an Apple rumor site that actually posted “recon” that turned out to be some what remotely true.

    Now, I still check Apple Insider and Think Secret daily and they are wonderful in their own way; but Apple Recon was more special. It had the most elaborate stories any Apple fan could dream of! Special events less than a month away, multi-touch tablets, AppleTV 2, the return of Yellow Box, the Apple Record Label and the famous MacBook Mini were enough to make me cum in my pants just at the thought.

    But here’s where the fantasy ended: all of it was shit. From the very beginning, all of it. Wow, you are a disgrace to anything and everything Apple related. The iPod, the Apple II, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozinak, the Lisa, the G4 Cube, IBM processors, Intel processors, the iPhone, iTunes, all of iLife, Justin Long, Kevin Costner, U2, RHCP, John Mayer, the Newton, the Knowledge Navigator, Pixar, Nike, the Mac Mini, the MacPro, the Power Mac, the Powerbook, the iBook, the geniuses at the Genius Bar, Quicktime, Final Cut Studio, the pathetic Aperture version 1, the improved Aperture version 1.5, Jon Sully, 1984, the Macintosh Portable, the Quicktake, NeXT, all wild cats and even all other fruits that any good and decent person and buy at the super market that are positioned next to the Apples. You deserve a fate worse than hell, you deserve a fate of being fucked in the ass by Bill Gates while being forced to use Microsoft Windows for all of eternity.

    Thanks for the run! Was good while it lasted. I can’t believe I checked your site again and even posted. Now go buy a PC cause we don’t want you kind of Mac users.

    Just so nothing gets carried too far: this post is not meant to be serious. Yes, it blows serious cock that you guys dropped off the face of the planet and were so, so wrong over and over again but this post is to be taken is jest. Thank you.

  41. Matt says:

    Couldn’t agree more. You guys promised the moon but unceremoniously petered out on us. Were the stories just concocted to get hits on the site or what? Good journalism = good response to the site. Petering out ≠ a good reputation in the Mac news and rumor reporting community. I mean I could make all kinds of comparisons but I won’t. Updates dudes, even if nothing much is going on, just generate discussion. And what was up with all the whack stories? They sounded good if they weren’t pulled straight from your ass. If you want to even remain remotely relevant in the community, take a page out of macrumors.com’s book and post updates frequently. It keeps people coming back for more. I don’t think I’ll be back to your site much like I don’t visit macosrumors.com anymore. Macosrumors.com makes grandiose promises on “new and fresh dirt”, yet somehow, they never seem to materialize. Interesting? Possibly but only in as much as it shows that they’re grabbing at straws trying to maintain their readership. I guess you have to dangle the carrot to keep that ad revenue flowing in.

    But, since you don’t have any ads on your site to worry about, I’m not sure what’s up. Like Bob said, it was fun while it lasted and if nothing else, it made for interesting shitter reading.


    Markedly Underwhelmed

  42. JamesC says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed on the amount, accuracy and quality of news Apple Recon publishes and what actually bears fruit in the market. I tired of following the hype from other Mac news/rumor sites.

  43. Scott says:

    Does anyone know anything about the release date of Leopard???

  44. So was it Apple Legal that got to you guys?!?

    Too bad you guys had some interesting insight/guesses/info.

    Guess I’ll have to stick with the tried and true:


  45. Apple Recon says:

    So Long and thanks for the ride. Drop by in December for a Sun Microsystems/ Apple venture guide to the future. We will be providing updates to a very interesting match up in the coming months between two giants. Don’t read this site anymore until then. It’s was all made up anyway.

    Meep meep!!

  46. PuppetMaster says:

    hey this is a cool site. What about a hp recon site or maybe even ronco recon.


  47. I think Nike’s are going to the retro look now for the more casual crowd. Their athletic line is ugly, but I like the retro looking ones.

  48. Chris Watson says:

    I found the whois for http://www.pelagius.com and it seems like Robert is still alive and kicking….

    Robert Morgan
    xxxx Black Rock Turnpike
    Fairfield, CT
    xxxxxxxxxx, US

  49. JR Germain says:

    Get this damn blog out of the web… no news for 18 month… all it does is clutering web search engines with junk…

    Let’s hope for a brighter future when blogs and forums are out of search engines… at least that they don’t show as an option…

  50. applerecon says:

    We are sorry we suck that much…

  51. wow says:

    here is a scoop for you, apple is coming out with a phone, rumor has it is going to be called an iphone.


  52. xuxppxxuxyyy says:

    hello it is test. WinRAR provides the full RAR and ZIP file support, can decompress CAB, GZIP, ACE and other archive formats.

  53. praildTrieptord says:

    gfjxmjrodovczbxhwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

  54. Bill Gates says:

    LOL this is the same dead end web site of the old apple reconn

    Why to start something and have it die a horrible slow death.

    who ever runs this site is a biggest loser on the planet.

    How are the rumors. LOL!!!!!!!

  55. The past decade has been *REALLY* TOUGH but Family & my health came first. Before my disability & hospitalization in fall 2000, I had *FINALLY* agreed to give in to pressure & “run money” based on “The Indicator,” Recon, & Analysis; but I had to put those plans on hold @ the time. BTW, the “Old AppleRecon” & RFI had *NO* ads because our subscribers *SUBSIDIZED* the costs for the public. Ergo, no ads for the freeriders, as it were. In the future? All bets are off.
    And as far as the WSJ is concerned, it was RFI that “PIONEERED” the “Pay For Content Access Business Model” in 1995. And we’ll also gladly post the “Golden Convergence” Special Report from the 90’s, as well as the “Market Sell Signal” from 6 Mar 00; as well as our warnings about the “Housing Bubble & 125% House Loans” from the late 90’s/early “Oughts!” LOL. MTK/Gay Blade/Heretical Monks You’re MY HEROES!!!!!! Wobs/Woba/rkm

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