Our take on Steve’s Thoughts on Music

February 8, 2007

Well, the gloves have come off between Steve and the labels…advocating sales of digital music without DRM is pretty close to crazytalk in most circles still. In fact, despite the record companies lofting a few trial balloons with a few tracks here and there, DRM is still king of the hill.

For those that live under a rock, you can read Steve’s “thoughts” at the Apple site.

Our question to you is do you think Steve’s thoughts on music also apply to movies? Considering he’s a large shareholder in Disney, personally, where’s the post advocating the same thing on the moving picture front? Frankly, movies are less likely to be pirated than music, as the file sizes are just pretty inconvenient (even with BitTorrent and similar). So, where’s the posting on movies?

As much as we love Steve and all the gang at Apple, we have to call a spade a spade on this one…if it was really a rant against DRM and about taking a stand here, we’d be talking about more than just music. What this comes down to is a way to put some pressure on the music labels (which Apple is in a much better position to do than with Hollywood, as the studios are still very cautious about getting into bed with Apple), and to take some pressure off from the European regulators (which, by the way, is a goal that so far isn’t being achieved).

Another interesting observation that we will throw out there is that if this move by Apple does force the hand of the music industry, you can bet that will further alienate the already paranoid motion picture industry. Unless the music industry’s move to DRM-free music really did turn out to be a huge win for them, you can bet that DRM will be staying on your copy of Cars for the long haul.

Of course, this could end up opening the flood gates, if even one of the big labels could be convinced to do this, and was successful at it, it could mark the beginning of the end for the DRM arms race. This would serve Apple’s goals quite nicely, because they have yet to invest significant R&D into DRM, unlike their pals up in Redmond. You can bet that Apple would like nothing more than to see DRM get scrapped and leave the Microsofties holding the tag for billions in R&D and integration into their operating system that no one would end up using.

All in all, there’s nothing immediate to be gained or lost here, it will spark some debate and conversation, could become a game changer, or could be just another footnote in the history of computing. But, it does give Apple more exposure, further sets them up as “the good guy” in the industry, and as any marketing wonk will tell you, any press is good press.

A little bit of linkage for you all, the Economist, which is a fantastic publication, has a decent piece up about all of this here.

Finally, we’ll go off-topic here for a minute and apologize for the apparent hiatus this week, no excuses or made up stories about being sick or anything like that, we simply have had other life priorities (work, family, etc.) that have kept us away from the site.

Apple Recon is, and will remain, a labor of love for the editors, that we work on when we have time, and we apologize to the reader (hehe, the one of you we have left) if that isn’t okay with you. It is what it is. The comments section is always open, and to echo the sentiments of many that have posted out here, we do appreciate the intelligent discussions that go back and forth with many of the posters. We will never censor you (even when you bitch us out for not posting more stuff, hey, we agree with you there!), and always want to encourage that kind of open sharing of thoughts and ideas here, about all topics Apple. Until next time, all the best…


Slow News Day

February 2, 2007

zunePhone is a figment of the rumormill’s imagination – Sure, this isn’t directly an Apple rumor, but since most all the other Apple rumor sites are reporting how Microsoft is developing a zunePhone that is going to compete with the iPhone, we thought we’d point out that they’re WRONG. Unless it is unbeknownst to Bill Gates, he sure doesn’t agree with them, citing an article at Newsweek:

“With Xbox and Zune, Microsoft has adopted an end-to-end approach, where you write the software, design the hardware and run the services. Will Microsoft now change its mobile-phone strategy and adopt an end-to-end approach, the way Apple has with the iPhone?
No, I don’t think so. People like different styling, media storage, capability [in phones]. The benefit we get from having lots of great hardware partners is pretty phenomenal. And our software can run on any one of those things.”

Of course, Bill could also be a dirty liar, like he accuses Apple of being in that interview…the pot and the kettle, we suppose…only one of the two companies is a convicted monopolist though.

While we’re on the topic of Microsoft and Apple, looks like the iPod doesn’t like Vista much more than the Zune does according to news.com. Apple does have a support page up about it, too (but seriously, if you’re reading this site it’s not very likely you’re worried about making your iPod work with Vista, right??). But really, how can you blame either the iPod or the Zune for not liking the most bloated operating system ever created?

Guess it is all quiet before the big football game this weekend, where we’ll finally see who would win in a fight, a bear or a horse? Maybe that will bring the alleged Beatles announcement and a yellow iPod (pee-pod…pPod?) as some of our brethren have been reporting…we’re not holding our breath. Or perhaps everyone is excited about the groundhog’s prediction of any early spring? Here in Seattle, we wouldn’t mind that ourselves…

What else is going on out there in the Apple world? Color shuffles, Disney sold 1.3 million movies through iTunes (and counting), etc. Kind of a slow news day, we guess…got any dirt to share…drop us a note in the comments or an email to applerecon@gmail.com

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Contest #1 Winner!

January 29, 2007

A fast one, the winner, a “Steven” posted the following on January 27, 6:31 PM :

“Apple will resurrect the Yellow Box for Windows allowing Mac apps compiled in Xcode to be run on Windows machines.”

There were a few other guesses that were close, including folks that guessed Safari would be coming to Windows, and iLife would be coming to Windows…but Steve nailed this one right on the head.

We have sent him an email to confirm details to ship his prize (and yes, we know, it’s not much…it’s more of a keepsake than anything fancy, since we don’t run any ads, and this is not some kind of revenue stream for us, give us a break!)…

Steven, if you’re out there, check your email…and by the way, if your last name turns out to be “Jobs”…well, that’d explain how you knew the answer!! 🙂

UPDATE – We’ve heard from Steven, and can report that his last name is NOT Jobs…or at least, he claims it isn’t!

Back to the rumor mongering shortly!

Apple Event Much Sooner Than Thought?

January 27, 2007

We don’t put a lot of stock in this right now, having not gotten any confirmation of it ourselves, but there is an alleged invitation floating around the web of an Apple Event on February 1 (that’d be this coming Friday). Better safe than sorry, we decided to post it without any confirmation, and let the Apple Recon faithful make their own decision. We think it’s fishy how blurred the Apple logo is, yet how sharp the rest of the text appears…also, the large text looks very plain, not smooth and antialiased like Apple usually would do…we’ll see…


Let us be the first to say though, that if it turns out we were wrong and this does come on February 1, nothing would make us happier! See, ultimately, we’re all Apple fans like everyone else that reads this site, so the less time we have to wait until we see Leopard and iLife and everything else, the better!!

Still working on the big Monday story, stay tuned! (and as of this writing, no one has gotten very close to guessing what the big story is about…keep on guessing!)

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Guess The Rumor Contest

January 26, 2007

Want to win a vintage Apple t-shirt? Read on…

As you saw with our post earlier today, we have a major story coming out on Monday, by far the biggest we’ve ever worked on, and without a doubt the hottest Apple rumor out there (and it boggles our minds that no one is reporting on it!). As we hinted, it has to do with Apple (duh), more specifically, Apple software.

So, while we don’t want to let the cat out of the bag quite yet (come back Monday morning, probably around 8-9AM Pacific time for the big news), we thought it’d be fun to have a little Apple Recon Contest!

The full details, after the jump… Read the rest of this entry »

Jealousy Abounds In Rumorville

January 26, 2007

Before we get to the meat of this post, we have to give you a little inside information about what is coming next from Apple Recon (would that make this “Apple Recon Recon”??)…we have an exclusive story that none of the other rumor sites have picked up on about a major Apple software initiative. We are working on it for Monday, and we know that it is going to blow your mind. Unlike some sites, we WILL post it when we say we will! We need the weekend to track down all the sources and get it perfect, so please bear with us. In the mean time…

Before we get into the jealousy from the other guys, first we have to give some thanks to some of the other sites out there that have picked up on the Apple Recon ad-free revolution!

O’Grady’s PowerPage, which we love, has us as their top story as of this writing.

MacSurfer’s Headline News, also a long time favorite, has picked up on us, too (under Analysts/Commentary/Editorial/Opinion)!

We really appreciate the coverage by two sites that we have so much respect for.

Back to the topic at hand, however…all is not well in rumorville…some of the other rumor sites have started to sit up and take notice of the new kid on the block, and are none too happy about the way we’ve burst onto the scene. We guess that when you cut the crap, don’t make false promises of upcoming stories that never materialize, and don’t spam the heck out of people with ads and popups, it is a real threat to the Apple rumor scene. Other sites start to take notice when you’ve been the number one site for three days straight on WordPress!!

Well, we like it OUR way, and are glad that you do too! Our readers keep coming through with the Diggs and comments and tips and support!! Keep it coming!! Without further ado, here’s some of the crap you can see from the “other guys” after the jump… Read the rest of this entry »

Site News: RSS Feed and more!

January 25, 2007

Some brief Apple Recon site news…

First off, we’ve gotten a TON of emails requesting the link to our RSS feed, so we have added a link and icon at the top of the right-hand column to subscribe to the feed.  For those that are link-challenged (we don’t know exactly why you would be, or how you’d have gotten here if you were), that link is http://applerecon.com/feed.

Trust us, you’re going to want to have the feed, we have a fun story coming up Friday morning, our first contest is coming up this weekend, and on Monday, we have the biggest post we’ve ever had on tap!!

Second (back to site news), since we’re here to serve you, we’ve added a section with the top posts in it as well.

Third, we are proud to say that as of this writing (Thursday, 1/25/2007, 11:15PM Pacific Time) APPLE RECON IS STILL THE NUMBER ONE BLOG ON WORDPRESS!  If you want to see for yourself (watch, now that we’re posting the link, we’ll fall from the #1 spot and everyone will make fun of us!), check it out here.

Sorry, we’re just really proud of being number one!!

Finally, if there are any other features you’d like added to the site, please don’t hesitate to suggest them in the comments below or via email to applerecon@gmail.com (unless you’re suggesting that we run ads, then we’ll publicly humiliate you!).  We’ll do whatever we can within the confines of our hosted WordPress site to accommodate.