Viewer Mail – Volume 2

February 14, 2007

Seems like it was time for another one of these…we’ll paraphrase some of the comments and questions we’ve gotten over the past few days and try to get some answers out to everyone…

First, is what is Apple’s plan for the daylight savings time fiasco that is coming up in March as a result of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (spring forward a couple weeks earlier, fall back a week or so later)? Well, good news, it has been in place since 10.4.6.

Next, iPod warranty pricing…we’re told that the pricing has recently changed from $249 to $179 (or less) to replace a broken iPod…NICE. In fact, many of the prices have gone down considerably…Thanks KH for the tip!

When will the new Mac Books be released?? Sorry to say, it is looking to us like it’s going to be a little while still, maybe not until WWDC :(. We will keep everyone posted. By the way, did you notice that we NAILED the fact that WWDC was going to be in June? We had that here before anyone else did, at least, as far as we know!! Anyway, that would be both for the whole line perhaps, including the long-awaited ultraportable (which we’ve been calling Mac Book Mini around here).

iLife and iWork dates, Sky, you wanted to know…well, here’s the scoop, they are still on track for Leopard-time…why is that? It isn’t because they require Leopard (although, vice versa may be true, that Leopard may not work with older versions of iLife in particular)…they will work better with Leopard and have more features if you run them in Leopard (vs. Tiger)…one reason to hold them back is they have a lot of interface cues from the new operating system, and Apple is still trying to keep that under wraps…a bigger reason though, is that it makes sense to release them at the same time…when the Mac faithful show up to buy their copy of Leopard, it will be easy to upsell them on a copy of iLife ’07 or iWork ’07…better yet, look at it this way…if you’re going to plunk down $79 for iLife ’07 and $129 for Leopard…that’s a couple hundred bucks…suddenly people will start thinking “gee, if I put that money toward a new Mac, and put the old one on eBay…I’d come out pretty good”…Apple is no fool.

HDJ speculates on a new iPod coming in a few weeks alongside an iTunes update…we will just be honest with you and tell you we haven’t heard anything specific about it, but if anyone DOES have anything specific to share, drop us a line!

Speaking of dropping us a line, several have commented that since Apple and Google are all buddies these days, and we are using a Gmail address for tips, we must be secret agents working for Apple to catch spies…well, dangit, you got us! Seriously, put that tinfoil hat back on, and while you’re at it, better make a full tinfoil suit to go with it 🙂

And, saving the best for last, LF writes with a juicy tip…that USB2.0 port on the Apple TV…you know, that could be used to add a Blu-ray drive (or HD-DVD, but take it from us, Blu-ray is well on its way to dominating…it holds more data, and Sony is not going to give in and ship their movies on HD-DVD…whereas all the other studios are going to give in and go Blu)…that is genius! The Apple TV already has the horsepower to display HD content streamed from a computer in your home (and soon directly from iTunes!)…no reason it couldn’t do the same from a locally attached device!! And, it would be a lot cheaper than existing players, because you’d already own the bulk of the device in the form of the Apple TV itself, you’d basically just be buying the drive!!

PHEW! Lots more to comment on, but this post is already getting pretty long…you know our usual way of closing things down…comments below, tips to and take a few seconds to give us a…

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Viewer Mail – Apple Special Event

January 30, 2007

Well color us impressed!! Color iPod Shuffles…wooo…er…yawn. Anyway, while we work up the next rumor post, here’s something else we’ve been meaning to do…

Rather than try to respond to all the comments from the banner week last week here at Apple Recon comment by comment, we thought we’d take a moment and address a few of the ones that were sent through, in a post…we will regularly do a “Viewer Mail” segment here at Apple Recon, again, trying to be different from the other rumor sites that are very “one way” and never do anything like this. You can certainly expect more of this from us in the future, and yes, we will address the criticisms as well as the compliments, we’re equal opportunity offenders here at Apple Recon. We will never censor someone that just doesn’t agree with us (in fact, we’ll do the opposite, and will engage in a lively debate with you!) If that makes you hate us and want to post anonymous coward comments, well, sorry about that…but we stand for what we believe in and are doing this our way. Without further ado…

“Ben Hallert” posted a note about updated Mac Books and monitors, all being multi-touch enabled. Our take is that it is probably too soon to see that in the Mac Books (unless Apple is going to come out with a convertible Mac Book / Tablet)…and monitors would be way cool, but that size, gotta be way expensive too (probably most would opt for similar Wacom devices that do double duty as a monitor and graphics tablet).

“ding dong” and “UK Dev” both posted notes that said Leopard isn’t nearly ready yet. We don’t disagree that it could be the case, but we have yet to get any reports to that extent. All sources continue to point toward shipping on the magical March anniversary date (6 years to the day that Mac OS X was released). Even if the date does slide for the release, you can bet that Steve Jobs will be getting the 10.5/Leopard full story out into the world very, VERY soon, to take even more thunder away from Vista!

“richard trickle” (nice ;), wants bacon cooking tips…Rachel Ray, perhaps? 😉

“Cheeseburger Brown” would like to see differentiation between the Mac Book and Mac Book Pro…we think that the biggest difference is that graphics card, and while that doesn’t warrant a $700 premium, once you throw in the bigger screen, backlit keyboard, Firewire 800 and express card slot, among other things, it gets to be a better story. Perhaps we’ll see a Core 2 Quad in the Mac Book Pro sometime soon??

“Tom” was interested in a touch screen iPod with HDD storage…we completely agree with you there, that is, without a doubt, coming…only question is will it be before iPhone goes on sale, or after??

“BeJesus” asks about the top secret features of 10.5. We believe that by far the biggest top secret feature is the new interface…if you want a preview of where Apple is going, look at the colors and interface queues in Front Row, iPhone, etc…it will be dark, much sleeker and less candy-like than Aqua, and you can expect all the goodness of tabs, core animation, and, dare we say it, an updated Finder, in Cocoa!

“Philber” wants the old 12″ form factor back. We agree entirely, one of our editors actually writes all of his posts from a 12″ PowerBook G4! He has a variety of other macs, a Mac Book, Mac Mini, etc. but the 12″ PowerBook G4 is just such a road warrior…

In fact, lots of you chimed in wanting a 12″ Mac Book Pro…(or Mac Book Duo??) we believe that it is coming. Our question to you, which would you rather have, a Tablet Mac or a 12″ Mac Book Duo? Why? We suspect that for most everyone, the answer is “both”…maybe it’ll be another iPhone-like announcement (3 devices, all in one!). Can you hear Steve Jobs standing up and saying “Today we’re introducing three new devices…an ultraportable Mac Book, a Tablet Mac, and a location-aware GPS-enabled PC…all in one”? We can certainly imagine that, but sadly it’s probably a little while off still before we see all three in one…anyone that wants to dish dirt,…and the comments are always open.

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A new Apple TV post is on the way next…stay tuned!