Slow News Day

zunePhone is a figment of the rumormill’s imagination – Sure, this isn’t directly an Apple rumor, but since most all the other Apple rumor sites are reporting how Microsoft is developing a zunePhone that is going to compete with the iPhone, we thought we’d point out that they’re WRONG. Unless it is unbeknownst to Bill Gates, he sure doesn’t agree with them, citing an article at Newsweek:

“With Xbox and Zune, Microsoft has adopted an end-to-end approach, where you write the software, design the hardware and run the services. Will Microsoft now change its mobile-phone strategy and adopt an end-to-end approach, the way Apple has with the iPhone?
No, I don’t think so. People like different styling, media storage, capability [in phones]. The benefit we get from having lots of great hardware partners is pretty phenomenal. And our software can run on any one of those things.”

Of course, Bill could also be a dirty liar, like he accuses Apple of being in that interview…the pot and the kettle, we suppose…only one of the two companies is a convicted monopolist though.

While we’re on the topic of Microsoft and Apple, looks like the iPod doesn’t like Vista much more than the Zune does according to Apple does have a support page up about it, too (but seriously, if you’re reading this site it’s not very likely you’re worried about making your iPod work with Vista, right??). But really, how can you blame either the iPod or the Zune for not liking the most bloated operating system ever created?

Guess it is all quiet before the big football game this weekend, where we’ll finally see who would win in a fight, a bear or a horse? Maybe that will bring the alleged Beatles announcement and a yellow iPod (pee-pod…pPod?) as some of our brethren have been reporting…we’re not holding our breath. Or perhaps everyone is excited about the groundhog’s prediction of any early spring? Here in Seattle, we wouldn’t mind that ourselves…

What else is going on out there in the Apple world? Color shuffles, Disney sold 1.3 million movies through iTunes (and counting), etc. Kind of a slow news day, we guess…got any dirt to share…drop us a note in the comments or an email to

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16 Responses to Slow News Day

  1. astromoose says:

    That is a pretty ambiguous quote; I don’t think you could pin bill in denying the development of a phone from that statement.

  2. alex says:

    In seven yearsI I guarantee 99.9% that Microsoft will make it’s zunephone. They are copycats.

  3. emilyishere says:

    i agree with alex.

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  4. seabelly says:

    belly time

  5. jaryileka says:

    Wow, you guys have given up already! Not a posting in 3 days – and the last posting was about a “slow news day”. If you want to compete with all of the sites you’re always ripping on, you’ve got to quit appearing like another crappy BLOG and start dishing up some scoops that no one else has, or at least some headlines everyday until you do have a scoop. So far there is almost no recon going on here. Just opinions about stuff. You guy shot to the top with a rumor about a special event may or may not happen, and then you didn’t ride the wave. Dude, ride the wave!

  6. Jason says:


    applerecon has moved WAY down my list of sites to check…


  7. Graeme says:

    Overconfidence is a curse!

    Guys honestly. In January I went to Macrumors and saw a link to your site stating a 20th February event. I visited and was honestly impressed with your site. Your report on apple software running on pcs again was interesting so I visited daily. Your statement is very bold in that it is not like other rumors sites. You are right, at least other rumor sites eg macrumors post actual rumors and do not pretend to have inside info. They know and admit they are rumors and therefore we the visitor know that 95% of the content is crap and so do they. But none the less they are far more in touch with apple products and users than you are. You guys post a slow news day and then seem to have given up while mac rumors are rumoring a lot more. Your predictions for Macworld were way way off and you did admit it in a roundabout way but still thought you were the dogs bollo@#s. I know where I want to be and it aint here. GOODBYE APPLE RECON= GOOD CONCEPT FAILED TO DELIVER.

  8. Jason says:

    Graeme ~

    Here here!!!

    I concur wholeheartedly.

    The thing that I DO like about applerecon, is the witty banter, and general intelligence of the users who comment…

    I’ll miss you so… haha.

  9. Ethan says:

    Eh…I think they still have a chance at a comeback, although it is really disappointing that there have been no posts. I’ve enjoyed every one of them, even when they were wrong.

    Good point Jason, about the intelligence of commenters (heh, not a word) here.

  10. don says:

    yep!!! sloooow news …yaaaaawn!!!!

  11. Jammy says:

    i what alex is saying

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