Mac Book Mini

So, after the record breaking day yesterday, as the expression goes, when you’re on top, you’ve got nowhere to go, but down. Before we get to the recon, wanted to say one more time, THANK YOU for Digging us, posting, writing, and so forth. The more exposure we get, the more tips we get, and the more news and recon we can provide to everyone!

Okay, on to the good stuff…we’re going to focus on the Mac Book, or more specifically, the Mac Book Pro 12″/Mini/Duo/whatever you want to call it. We have gotten an overwhelming number of comments and tips about this un-announced device, and so here’s what we know to be true with the current prototypes floating around the Apple design team (yes, that is where the prototypes go, as design and engineering are done hand in hand at Apple).

Display: Confirmed use LED backlighting (to conserve battery life), and will be a 12″ Widescreen, same resolution as Mac Book, 1280×800. Only possible wrench in this plan is getting enough screens to meet Apple’s demands, but all indications as of today’s prototypes is that this is the plan going forward.

CPU: 2GHz Core 2 Duo, sorry to say it won’t be faster, but to be small, you gotta use less watts and generate less heat…especially with the graphics card that this beast has been spotted with. Still, considering that the top end will be 2.33 – 2.5 GHz, that’s really not that bad.

RAM: 1GB standard, 3GB BTO.

Storage, Video and LOTS more after the jump…HDD: Confirmed use of Flash-assisted storage (via an un-released Intel chipset, not using Samsung or similar drives). The flash will be a part of the motherboard, not the HDD, but will be used as a large (256-512MB) cache (imagine how the memory works on the HDD-based iPods, clearly you aren’t streaming the files off the HDD with every beat of the music…Apple has lots of expertise in this area already, because of the iPod). Standard HDD size should be 80GB. Up to 200GB BTO.

Video: ATI Radeon X1900 with 256MB. No compromises here.

Battery Life: 6 hours, using lithium polymer technology just like the iPods and Mac Books already do. No miracles here, sorry to everyone hoping for 8+ hours, some things just aren’t doable, even by Apple.
Optical Drive: (yes, it will have one) slot loading SuperDrive, dual-layer, the usual.

GPS: as much as we desperately want it, no one has seen a prototype with this enabled…of course, since you basically need a line of sight to the sky to use GPS, and Apple prototypes rarely see the light of day before they are announced, this could be a sleeper feature that is still on the way!

Weight: ~3.5lbs…even with battery and optical drive, if there is one thing that Apple is good at, and can beat ALL competitors at, it is industrial design.

Etc: All the rest of the usual extras, including iSight, Bluetooth, 802.11b/g/n, Firewire 400 and 800, USB2.0, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, audio in/out, mini-DVI, and so forth.

Price: $1799 for standard configuration (a couple hundred above the Mac Book, a couple hundred below the Mac Book Pro, slightly more toward the high side).

Release date: WWDC 2007, sorry to say…that’d be June.

Okay, so there’s absolutely everything we know, have gotten reports on, and have pieced together on the new Mac Book Mini/Thin/Duo/???. What do you know, what do you think, would you buy one, or two, or ten?? Shout out in the comments or drop us a line at

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122 Responses to Mac Book Mini

  1. JustDoIt says:

    God I hope you are right! now the question is when!

  2. JustDoIt says:

    Oops… just saw the June release 😦

  3. JustDoIt says:

    WOW… I must be the only person excited about this. Sad.

  4. Ron says:

    No, I am excited about it (even though it is smaller than the Pro, but almost the same cost???) BUT no everyone can sit around the computer to make a comment about it in a… 10 minute span (between your first and third comment). I think you might need to get out a little more…

  5. JustDoIt says:

    LOL… so true. Actually I should get back to work is more like it.

  6. Michael says:

    I am very excited about this. However, if your price predictions are correct, I may just spring for the 15 inch. I was hoping for a bit more of a price break! Oh, well…

  7. Michael says:

    I have been waiting to purchase a new MBPro until I could find out about this. However, there doesn’t seem to be much of a price break. I might as well go for the 15 inch!

  8. Coconuts says:

    I’ve got the 12″ PowerBook G4 and absolutely love it. I think the small size is really great, and am constantly getting people asking me about it. I was really sad to see that there wasn’t a 12″ Pro in the lineup, so this is really exciting. I have a feeling that the next computer I buy will be one of these tiny ones.

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  10. Great web site. Congrats on the good job!


  11. Bozo says:

    Oh. My. God.

    I originally intended to get a macbook, but the lack of a decent graphics chipset made me hesitate. Then I started to hear about those rumors … June might be a bit too distant for me, but if this baby delivers everything that’s been mentioned in your article, it’s going to be well worth the wait!!

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  13. tfree says:

    In this vein I hope they come out with a Mac Book that is 14 or 15 inch as my wife loves the white casing and keyboard.

  14. wilsonng says:

    what about backlit keyboard and the ambient light sensor to dim the screen when the room goes dark?

  15. alex says:

    I really want a smaller Mac whterver it is! But only if Apple did something revolutionary to it like the Multi Touch in iPhone, to zoom in/out! Because I have a MacBook and it’s not enough space for creativity work. Anyways I can’t decide until they make one.

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  17. bradallen says:

    you say its 2ghz and it cant get larger, but it supports a 256 MB video card for just a 12 inch display? that doesn’t make much sense to me. if it’s suppose to be a “mini” macbook wouldn’t it feature lower end parts? otherwise you’re looking at a compact mac book pro. then you’d question whats hte point of the macbook ?
    just sayin’

  18. Justin says:

    Very nice.. thanks for the details

  19. Jake says:

    I believe I coined “Macbook Mini” a while ago. I am so excited that people are using it! Proof is at my blogging website:

  20. gil says:

    I may have to buy one of these bad boys. LED LCDS are so sexy. I hope it still has the isight in the screen.

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  22. Ben Anderman says:

    I’m with Coconuts. Got a PB 12″ now and want to upgrade soon. 12″ MBP would be awesome! Especially with these stats.

  23. msadventures says:

    That is NUTS! Maybe my boss will let me get one!

  24. jojo says:

    i don’t buy the whole story – specifically the fw800 spec. they don’t even have that in the 15in macbook, why would they put it into a mini version? doesn’t make sense.

  25. Bowen says:

    oh please oh please, *leave out the useless optical drive*

  26. alex says:

    I want something revolutionary not just smaller size and less weight. How about a different User Interface and the Multi Touch

  27. Tahoma says:

    Oh, yes! I want one. When I broke down to buy a MacBook Pro 15″, it was a tough decision to not get the smaller form factor of the MacBook, even given its graphics subsytem inferiorities; however, in the end, it was the keyboard that pushed me over the edge to the Pro.

    Honestly, what I really want in laptop form factor is something with a screen size no larger than required to have a good full size keyboard (IBM-style trackpoint helps a lot to keep size down here) and otherwise as thin as possible. These days, though, my druthers say it also must run Mac OS X.

    — Tahoma

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  30. vkilla says:

    I just don’t see the point of a 12″ $1800 notebook sorry. The GPU is awesome but thats it.

  31. mimil says:

    My next PC will be a Mac, and I was waiting for a lighter mac than the MacBook with the new OS X coming. I currently have a Dell D620, around 5 pounds: it’s much too heavy to really feel mobile.

    I compare this future MacBook Light to the Lenovo ThinkPad X60S, less than 3 pounds, but no optical drive and around $2500 for the same specs.

    If the flash HD really speeds up the machine and with a 256Mb video card, at 3.5 pounds, it’s a bargain !


  32. Neil says:

    Sounds like an awesome machine.

  33. Chuck says:

    inches and pounds count. I want mobility, as it isn’t the only gear I carry. Being a photographer covering the President and Capitol Hill I need to be as light as possible. Going into campaign mode – a 15-inch doesn’t do crowded seating very well. The MacBook is too close in size to the 15 to make sense for me. Gimme a new 12 – mine is 3+ years old, dented, rebuilt and just getting pokey with the bggier files.

  34. Is there a miniBook in the pipeline?

    Apple Recon | Mac Book Mini Apple Recon is reporting on rumors that Apple has a subnotebook in process, with specs and pricing in between the MacBook and MacBook Pro. The rumors suggest a 3.5 pound package, with a 12″

  35. Corinne says:

    I kind of want one, but I’m not sure it’s worth the expense.

  36. wilsonng says:

    If Bowen wants to leave out the optical drive, he can opt for the MCE OptiBay hard drive. It replaces the SuperDrive with an internal hard drive.

    Two friggin’ hard drives in your MBP!!!!! I remembered the old days of the Lombard and Pismo where we could swap out the optical drive for a hard drive, Zip drive, extra battery or a dummy module to make the laptop lighter… Well, this appears to be another step closer to the good old days…

  37. umijin says:

    It’s about freaking time. Apple should be ashamed that their laptops are overweight and oversized for many people. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly late for people like me wanting to replace their 12″ G4 PB for the last 2 years.

    If I can hold out (e.g. if my PB doesn’t totally die), these stats look pretty good. And yes, I would pay $1800 for a compact laptop. People here in Japan *like* small things, because we most often travel by public transportation and don’t want to carry much.

  38. alex says:

    I like this site because it sounds more realistic, I guess it’s because they aren’t about rumoring, but more about predicting and analyzing.

  39. Fred says:

    There is a huge group of 12″ powerbook owners who are waiting for something like this. If you commute regularly (not just sitting on your backside in a car) then this is the way to go. Hope it has firewire 800 or better still an expansion port- for an any on the road machine frequent backups are essential and you need a way of fast data transfer to make this painless. Can’t wait!

  40. systemerror51 says:

    I belive you’re spreading made-up rumors about new Apple products into the world. Like last time (Special Apple Event Feb 20) this article is a straight invention of a product that will never come out. Why? If you’re spreading false rumors, at least do it right.

    – There will never be a smaller MacBook then currently available

    – 512 MB RAM is the standard on the lowest (1.83 Ghz Core 2) MacBooks. Why should the small one have more memory?

    – The 1280×800 resolution is the standard in MacBooks. These are already high-def displays – a smaller display would mean a smaller resolution, even on high-def.

    – LCD backlighting to save battery life? Now how’s that supposed to work, and secondly, how’s it supposed to save battery life?!

    – The starting model of MacBooks contain a 1.83 GHz Intel Core 2 chip. Why should the smaller one contain a faster chip?

    – $1799 for that thing? Listen, all MacBooks are cheaper than that. Why would someone pay this price for a 12″ display, when you can have more at lower prices?

    But most importantly:

    “Video: ATI Radeon X1900 with 256MB. No compromises here.”

    Yeah, right.

    When you write made-up stories about new Apple products, do it at least right. The MacBook line does not AND WILL NEVER HAVE these graphic cards!
    These type of graphic cards are built into MacBook Pro. Besides, such a graphic chip wouldn’t fit into a MacBook Mini or whatever.

    MacBook is meant to be the starting model of a portable Macintosh Computer, as opposed to MacBook Pro, which represent the professional kind of portable Macintoshes (hence the Pro in the name).

    Ah yes….. one more thing:

    WWDC ’07 is most likely to be held in September – not June.

    Not even this you got right.

    Stop blogging made up stories. Do it NOW

  41. Johnny Appleseed says:

    Sorry Jake, the name MacBook mini has been bandied about for months. Besides, with a Mac mini (and before that the iPod mini), it doesn’t take much to infer a subnotebook name!

    As for whether it’s real: I hope so, but if not I’ll settle for a BlackBook with Blu-Ray, dedicated video card and Multi-Touch. Okay, maybe I’ll be waiting a coupla years!

  42. gwhiz says:

    Apple’s got a good thing going with their laptops. Banging this out on one right now. Unlike a lot of the experiences I’ve read about… this thing’s a monster and has given me no problems. I’d like for my next Apple to be the iTablet or whatever it’ll be called.

    A miniBook, just doesn’t turn me on so much… Composing stuff (text and video) on that wee little screen would drive me bananas.

  43. systemerror51 doesn't know what he's talking about says:

    Systemerror 51…what are you talking about. I don’t have all day to pick apart why your pointless rant is so wrong, but here are some of the highlights…

    First off, to answer your question about why a smaller Macbook would be more powerful, it’s because it will be a PRO. So more standard memory, an increased processor and a better video card all stand to reason.

    “LCD backlighting to save battery life? Now how’s that supposed to work, and secondly, how’s it supposed to save battery life?!”

    Well, thats exactly what LCD backlighting is designed to do. Take a second to read this…

    Why would a smaller computer be more expensive? Because it is more expensive to have the same technologies in a smaller computer. Highend portable laptops are generally more expensive than their 15inch counterparts.

    Lastly, from all accounts WWDC WILL be in June…

    Will this entire list make it to the final product? Not necessarily. But it seems to me that the guys at Apple Recon deserve at least a little benefit of the doubt. If they turn out to be dead wrong, crucify them at that point, not now. I’m as excited as anyone about the prospect of a 12inch MBP and I’ll be paying close attention.

    Congrats AppleRecon on the great work so far. Welcome to the game!

  44. systemerror51 is a moron says:

    – There will never be a smaller MacBook then currently available

    Yes there will be. There needs to be something to replace the PB12…people at my store ask for one 10 times a day.

    – 512 MB RAM is the standard on the lowest (1.83 Ghz Core 2) MacBooks. Why should the small one have more memory?

    Because this is a pro machine and 512 is shit.

    – The 1280×800 resolution is the standard in MacBooks. These are already high-def displays – a smaller display would mean a smaller resolution, even on high-def.

    Ever heard Resolution indepedance??

    – LCD backlighting to save battery life? Now how’s that supposed to work, and secondly, how’s it supposed to save battery life?!

    LED technology. Look it up before you open your pie hole.

    – The starting model of MacBooks contain a 1.83 GHz Intel Core 2 chip. Why should the smaller one contain a faster chip?

    Because it’s a pro machine dumb ass.

    – $1799 for that thing? Listen, all MacBooks are cheaper than that. Why would someone pay this price for a 12″ display, when you can have more at lower prices?

    Because its not a fucking consumer level computer, and it has higher specs.

    Sorry thread over.

    Thanks for playing.

  45. systemerror51 doesn't know what he's talking about says:

    It seems that “systemerror51 is a moron” and I have similar thoughts, as i’m sure many others do…

  46. javimaestre22 says:


  47. Now what I want to know is ‘WHEN?!’ I’m so excited. Can’t wait.

  48. PB12 says:

    Finally! Something to replace my 12″ PB AL. I have been waiting for something this size in the MacBook PRO lineup. The 15″ MBP is just too big to carry around. Five months to go? I’m excited.

  49. Jeff Ventura says:

    Interesting blog, AppleRecon. Although I would be lying if I said that it seems, thus far, that you’re fabricating quite a bit of “news” and positioning it as fact to the blogosphere. My only advice to you in this regard would be that (a) people will eventually label you as someone who publishes false rumors to get site hits and (b) you won’t KEEP many long-term faithful readers.

    As for this MacBook Pro Ultraportable, it’s not really news: its existence has been discussed leading up to Macworld. In fact, I wrote it about it on my blog (Graceful Flavor) back in December.

    It’d be nice if it did happen, but we’ll see.

    Good luck with your blog. I always like to see someone start strong, but it bums me out if they become something less than what they could be. The blogosphere has a decent memory, and don’t forget you’re really trying to build a brand here.


    Jeff Ventura
    Graceful Flavor

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  51. So I’m a moron, huh? Fair play to ya.

    The article DID NOT mention that we’re talking about a PRO machine here.

    It said specifically “MacBook Mini” – and as an experiences Apple User, you do not associate this with the Pro line.

    If this is supposed to come out as a Pro machine, then all the things may very well be true.

    Do not call me a moron again. Got that?

  52. Shadow says:

    Im not complaining, however, the specs to bring up some concerns. For example, now that the (assumed) baseline laptop will come with X1900’s what will the next batch of MBPs come with? I want to buy a MacBook around May of this year, but seeing as this laptop will have to last be absolutely ages (2 grand is alot of money), I don’t want to find that im using outdated hardware so soon after purchace.

  53. dutchmoron says:

    read again….

    Okay, on to the good stuff…we’re going to focus on the Mac Book, or more specifically, the Mac Book Pro 12″/Mini/Duo/whatever you want to call it.

  54. dutchmoron@SystemError51 says:

    and again….

    Okay, on to the good stuff…we’re going to focus on the Mac Book, or more specifically, the Mac Book Pro 12″/Mini/Duo/whatever you want to call it.

  55. Bill says:

    I’ll buy one, IF I can replace the hard drive as easily as in a MacBook (80GB is a little cramped for a Pro machine at that price)

    and if the keyboard is better than the MacBook’s (what is the deal with so much space between the keys on the MacBook?)

    12″ widescreen is ideal for those upgrading from a 12″ Powerbook – the 12″ widescreen Dell I have is only about 1.5cm wider than the 12″ Powerbook (feels the same in your lap)

  56. […] Mac Book Mini is just a rumour, but an interesting one. […]

  57. Michael Murray says:

    This rumour has been around for awhile

    As another ex PB 12 user who would buy one of these and sell his MacBook in a flash I think we need to remember that Apple seem to have a lot of prototypes being worked on at any time. The fact that they have prototype 12″ MacBook Pro thins in the labs doesn’t mean they will ever see the light of day or see it soon. Eg mactablet and macpda. It would be interesting to know what the market demand is for such a machine (I know WE all want one). That would give us an idea of what is likely to happen.

    Lets hope my pessimism is wrong!


  58. […] Link Original: Mac Book Mini « Apple Recon […]

  59. D.B. says:

    CONFIRMED????? Confirmed by whom? Nothing stated here is confirmed until Apple has officially released the information to the public.
    Don’t fall for silly rumors, people. Sure, they are nice to read and wish and hope for… but in the end, nothing is confirmed here. Could it happen… sure, it could. What is the likelihood?… not very, if you ask me.
    Don’t get your hopes up too high, kids…. you will only have farther to fall if you do.

  60. jon/tokyo says:

    It will happen because it has to happen – Apple have to replace the PB 12″ because there is basically a chasm which needs filling – and i too will probably sell my Macbook for it. That and Leopard – am drowning in drool at the thought.
    Nice site, by the way.

  61. Corday says:

    I am sure it is a Mac Book Pro Mini. A new version of the old 12″ PB would rejuvenate the ancestral doubt: “Should I get a 13 ” Mac Book or a 12″ Mac Book Pro Mini?”.

  62. Andy says:

    ok… LED LCDs suck… they producer horrible colour, and apple wouldnt touch them with a six metre pole until that was fixed, so iono, if this does come out, it wont use an LED LCD

  63. […] cheonging 06Feb07 wah hoo! check this out, i hope i save up enough by then. The Mac Book Mini, or so it seems. […]

  64. Jeff Ventura says:

    Again, AppleRecon does nothing but post speculation wrapped in giant CONFIRMED bookends.

  65. OrangeMood says:

    I love apple things…

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  67. […] The hallmark of a New York Sunday is, as Sex and the City has informed all non-residents, brunch.  All the neighborhood haunts and sidewalk cafes open their doors to the hungover masses, offering up heaping plates of pancakes, panini, and omelets with mimosas and black coffee to wash it all down – truly the best medicine.  At Relish, in Williamsburg, Sarah and I enjoyed tofu and corned beef.  We discussed Songbird and the possibility of new Mac Books.  […]

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  69. carlos says:

    I would pretty much just want a MacBook Pro of any size… im tryin to get one at if you wanna try it i wish you the best of luck

  70. willieturnip says:

    sorry, but i cant beleive that smaller device can have those specs…

    ATI Radeon X1900 with 256MB

    Core2duo at 2ghz…

    sorry but thats just stupid. considering the current imac’s top out at 2.33! and theyre desktops!! (kinda) 😛

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  73. Sl4ckr says:

    Man FINALY ive been browsing all over the net for news for the past month and got tired and to my suprised after i stoped looking u guys came along!!!!i was actually wondering why they stopped advertising for macbook pro on the net and in retail stores and why the price on those were put on clearence but if what ur saying is true this all make sence!!!! THANKS

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  75. Joanna says:

    i will most def. get it! i am waiting for this to come out for me to get a new one. i have a powerbook g4 12” and i don’t want to let go of it.. until i can get one that same size and with the titanium case 🙂

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  78. kt says:

    Well it is June 6…..we’ll find out if its fact or fiction

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  80. Edgar says:

    Don’t waste time, strike the iron while it is hot. Others are coming as well.

  81. Edgar says:

    Hurry while consumers are ready to buy.

  82. Well, Andy… Apple HUGGED the LED LCD displays when they purchased about 100k of them for their existing MacBook Pro line.

    By the by, just say 30 foot pole, dont try to copy how the grinch stole christmas without using the right units. ::grinding teeth::

    OH! And, Systemerror51, is probably a windows user… Scum.


  83. Willie turnip, the current iMacs use laptop technology (ie. drives, PROCESSORS, etc) as to make them in a slim form factor. JUst recently the MacBooks were revved up to 2.4GHZ. So, in fact, a MacBook Pro Mini could use a 2GHZ processor easily.

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  85. […] Ho trovato questa previsone di Gennaio, totalmente disillusa al WWDC 2007, ma se prima o poi arrivasse sul serio sarei la […]

  86. dumbass211 says:

    aw i thought it was gonna be smaller…ah well i can only hope it does not cost TO much…

  87. MINIX00 says:

    wheres the pix of it?

  88. […] amazing site now re-edit this theme and give comments […] […]

  89. haha says:

    boy, you really nailed that date dead on, didn’t ya lou?

  90. Gonzo says:

    >> since you basically need a line of sight to the sky to use GPS

    No. Try using one of the newer GPS units with the SiRFIII chipset. It picks up satellites just fine while it’s sitting on my couch … inside the house. There are many bluetooth GPS modules using this chipset.

  91. James says:

    After looking at a couple of sites the new macbook mini should be making its first appearence at the Macworld EXpo on January 15th – 18th 2008. Hope this helps to any one considering buying one!

  92. that dude again says:

    ok. here’s my wish list… Steve Jobs… i know you’re out there reading just waiting for this… so, imma do it. imma say what everyone out there is really wanting. The windows-busting, ultra-powerful, realization of where the iphone, ipod and macbook are really taking us…

    All i want for christmas (2008) is:
    1. MacBook Pro type device that:
    • integrates multi touch
    • solid state hard drive of 80G+
    • Flip over monitor so that you can touch-screen only
    • integrate with gotomypc or
    • GPS
    • 3G cell phone wireless plan for internet via your iphone or internally

    which leads me to…
    2. An iPhone with (not in order):
    • GPS
    • 3G
    • small iSight (vid calls)
    • 16G+
    • use Safari to control my macbook at home (via logmein or gotomypc)
    • some serious apps for the iPhone

    and finally
    3. a true handheld PC to make a Mac version of the OQO (see basically… an iphone that can:
    • 80G+ solid state HD
    • load real apps
    • wirelessly interface w/ projector or
    • dock to a keyboard, mouse, monitor, optical combo kit
    • serve as a secondary system to your macbook

    well, if there were going to be a 4th item… i’d request someone clue in all the windows computer-science nerds to tell them that the purpose of a machine is that it makes work faster or easier to perform and doesn’t require that you click 16 different “OK” buttons just to start up and you don’t have to have a masters in Computer Science just to keep the thing operational…


    so far, that’s what i want for christmas….

    oh, well… there’s one more thing before i say “World Peace…” Uh, i want a Mac Pro maxed out with 32G Ram with the max of everything (software/hardware) with 4 of the best vid cards available and 8+ 42″ monitors without bevels to create one MONSTER display space or could be lined up as multi displays…

    I guess besides shutting up & kicking Al & Tipper Gore off the Apple Board, i’d probably root for world peace.

  93. that dude again says:

    oh, i forgot to mention a keyboard doc for my iPhone… i’d want that sometime before kicking Al Gore off the board…

    I’d take world peace before all of it… but let’s be realistic! If we wait for that, then apple’s never going to release another product… especially with pansies like Al Gore around.

  94. that dude again says:

    oh, i meant to mention: true 3D rendered icons… that way the cover flow looks less like flat pieces of paper as images and more like real objects… i’ve got lots o really cool 3D-ified icons in my collection.

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  96. […] de MacWorld iets in de lucht hangt (zie afbeelding). Een naam is niet zo moeilijk te bedenken: Macbook Mini […]

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  98. Vincent Vega says:

    R uz all thinking about Macbook Air ?

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  101. danny says:

    i want a mac i book because i used one at school and it so good and it is incredibley lite small handy and i cant wait to get one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. […] By the way, did you notice that we NAILED the fact that WWDC was going to be in June? We had that here before anyone else did, at least, as far as we know!! Anyway, that would be both for the whole line […]

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  108. […] though this Apple MacBook Mini netbook is fake, according to PC World, Gizmodo, Apple Recon, BoingBoing, […]

  109. Mark Allen says:

    I agree the MacBook mini images that have been on that russian site look like a photoshop macbook air just made smaller.

  110. […] Über das Apple MacBook mini berichteten auch: Apfel Blog | Electrobeans | Apfelnews | Techfieber | Heimtechnik | Welt der Gadgets | fscklog | EEE PC | Apfelphone | Netbux | Applerecon […]

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