What a day!

Apple Recon Number One

Well, today Apple Recon officially blew up…we were the number one blog here at WordPress (even beat the venerable Scobleizer)!!! We do not take this lightly, and will have a brand new post up for everyone to read and Digg and talk about ASAP (by Wednesday morning at 8AM, pacific…we need some time to sort out all the tips we’ve gotten!).

But, as we are the anti-rumor site, to say the least, or the un-rumor site, or whatever you’d like to call us, we wanted to take a moment and THANK EVERYONE for reading, Digging, and posting comments and sending emails! There is LOTS more on the way (and we mean that, unlike others with their empty promises of more and then NOTHING…MOSR, we are talking about you here!!) and encourage everyone to take a look around the site here and read through some of the other stories we have (especially about the forthcoming tablet Mac).

So, THANK YOU for reading, and we’re on our way with lots more content!!

Yes, you can Digg this post too, but honestly, we’re not sure WordPress would like another day like today!! Let’s hold off for the next one, okay?


10 Responses to What a day!

  1. John C. Randolph says:

    Congratulations! Who are those other three guys?


  2. applerecon says:

    hehe, we don’t really know…Scobleizer is the only one we have read before, and he’s generally a pretty serious Microsoft blogger…but not a Microsoft bigot…seems like a real decent guy, actually.

  3. AppleSauce says:

    Good stuff. Keep up the good work. Ill keep checking back by the hour.

  4. Blue N Blaze says:

    Congrats ! Reached this blog thorugh this today’s wordpress list.
    All the best.

  5. Skinny Mac says:

    I’ve got MOSR open in the other browser tab and I came over here thinking I really ought to dump MOSR from my bookmarks and replace it with something better. MOSR’s not the only rumor site that could raise their accuracy 100% just by leaving out the empty promises of updates. They’re working too hard on the ad views and not hard enough on content.

  6. Melissa says:

    Congratulations, hopefully I can get that coveted spot one day and also post the excitement as you did!!! Keep it up!!!

  7. Chuck says:

    Hey, are you related to Robert Morgan, who did an Apple Recon site years ago?

  8. Performify says:


    Glad to see another challenger emerge for the top spot 🙂

  9. vkilla says:

    Congrats I like your blog a lot.

  10. grandiosa12 says:

    hey.. good for you.. congratulation.. but i think because scoble is not posting lately

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