Quick, beat the street!

Argh, where is January going?? Tomorrow is already Wednesday, January 17, 2007…and you know what that means, folks…Apple Quarterly Earnings time!  Aren’t you just about to wet yourself with anticipation?  We would be…maybe…if we had some stock.  Anyway, since we’re all about rumors and recon and so forth, what kind of self respecting Apple fanatic site wouldn’t speculate on the quarterly results?  Without further ado…

Apple’s guidance was revenues of $6-6.2 billion with earnings per share of $.70-73.  Well, we’ll go out on a limb here and say that since they had the top selling laptop on Amazon, top selling MP3 players EVERYWHERE, and didn’t seem to be running out of product most anywhere, they’re going to “beat the street” and earnings will come in around $.80 per share with revenunes more in the $6.8-7.0 billion range.  We wouldn’t be surprised to see revenues a little lower than that, maybe split the difference between us an the guidance…people are worried about margins, thinking that the iPod Shuffle would have hurt them…we don’t think so, Apple knows that if you sell a LOT of something (as they did with the Shuffle this Christmas) you can make up your margins in economies of scale…so, we will go out on a limb and say Apple had a very, VERY good holiday season…and hopefully they won’t prove us wrong!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled rumormongering.


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